97.5km to go!

First of all Weigh-in…
01.04.2013 – 77.7kg
08.04.2013 – 77.4kg
URGH this is not getting toward my 4kg for this month, not enough running, too much eating/eating the wrong things!  Moving on…

Hit up another 7.42km today.  We have an Estuary/inlet that pools right in the middle of my town (Tauranga).  The entire Waikareao Estuary Loop is unofficially 9km.  Because it is situated right in the middle of Tauranga City, there a numerous ways from which to access the track.  It is very popular with runners, walkers, mountain bikers and dog owners taking around just 2 hours to complete the entire loop (walking).
estuary pic waikareaomap_copy

Today I ran about half the Estuary, I live about 1km out from the track, so considering that I would be dying if I dared try anymore than half.  Though it wont be long until I will be running the entire loop seeing as have plans to kick it up to 9km runs sometime in June.
I completed my run in under an hour at 56.07mins with an average speed of 7’34″/km.  I am happy with this, but not so much in the effort it took my body to achieve this.  I swear running this track is harder than running up at the TECT which is mixed terrain.  I felt like on the estuary I was having to be very careful on how I place my feet otherwise I feel close to assing over!  Not a cool look!  I really dislike the pebbley/stoney type path which is mixed in with springy boardwalk.  I prefer the trail runs more, it feels more … grippy … like I can propel myself better, if you know what I mean.  Maybe I am just not a good runner, but I feel a difference, so much that my lower back aches tonight.  I am thinking the run was the cause, and on top of that I got a fat stitch about halfway in that took about 2k for me to run comfortably enough again.  One good thing about todays is that I managed to sing an entire song whilst running haha, I thought that was pretty cool, I can’t hold a conversation but I can sing…weird!

I plan on running tomorrow morning, another road run, another 7km, hopefully it is not mega freezing like this morning was, if it is I may leave it for the icky hot afternoon again, fingers crossed I have enough balls to run in the cold freezing dark *thinks ‘man up Janine’*!!!

Well in Totes, I am 22.5km out of 120km, 97.5km to go!  At this point, I am not entirely confident that I will hit my 120, but I have been known to surprise myself ha!

Beast On tomorrow,

Jay 🙂

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