The sweet 5 mile! ~ In Retrospect


Run Day was totes amaze balls!!  And I am quite confident that I just hit my 5 miles!
I have been using Nike + Running App during my runs, which has been cool up till now.  According to my tracked run, I only ran 7.92km *super sadface*  But I know for a fact that the route my friend Amy and I chose would have had us hitting up 8.5km.  But then when Amy ran the same App on her phone, she got 9.5km *wtf face*!
Oh well, according to maps and sign posting, I have officially hit my 5 mile mark, and it felt good!!  It actually felt so good, I could’ve run another k!
For the first 5k, Amy and I ran the trail that will be used for the 10k trail run in November, or what I think will be the route.  A part of it runs along side the MTB track that I look forward to test riding with my new bike, excite!  If I remember correctly, Amy and I ran the first 5 k loop in 41 mins.  Most of the first k is uphill, so I defs felt very novice at this point!  Km 2 and 3 were pretty flat and downhill, Km 4 was half uphill, and the last Km was pretty flat.  I feel confident that by November I will be able to get my 41mins down to 30mins or less, running the flats and downs hills quicker allowing a bit of lee-way for the ups.  Got my game plan sussed!  Providing it is the same track…fingers crossed!  (This isn’t cheating though right?!? Preparation I think)
The last 3.2km of the run was the normal TeRerenga Trail, I love running this one, its quite short but I know it so well now that it has become a very enjoyable run.

I didn’t get in my 30DS, I am really guttered about this, but the 8.5km took its toll, I didn’t need to do it, but I felt obligated to because I said I would.  Oh well pick up where I left off tomorrow.

I am 15km shy of my First weeks goal, I am going to pick this up over the next 3 weeks.  My whole plan got stuffed with the anticipation of the arrival home of my husband and the changes with Daylight savings.  At the end of the day I am putting this week behind me and getting my road on the show again tomorrow.  (Yes I do realise I had that round the wrong way).

With the changes in Daylight and slowly creeping into the cooler darker months, I will have to run an hour in the Dark.  DUMB!  A grown woman of 29years and I am still afraid of the dark! haha I will have to keep to the main streets that are lamp posted.  Again hitting up 30km a week, but with my extra 15 shared over the next 3 or so weeks.  Sticking to the plan!

In addition to the plans for the 2nd quarter of the year, I have chosen the events I want to run this year…

May – Zombie 5k Run
August – Whangamata 10k

September – City to Surf 12k

Map City to Surf
November – TECT Trail Run 10k, maybe 15k depending on how confident I am after the 12k in Sept


Next year I want to get a bit more ambitious!  Most probs a Half Marathon in there, and a Triathlon – most probably shared depending on how fit I am by that stage…Urgh Hate swimming!

Anywho, glad I got the 5mi in, looking forward to hitting my next milestone of 10km

Jay 🙂

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