Happy 50th Follower to me :) and a secret Obsession!

“…and if you guys want those results, you gotta hang with us and fight for it…”

In the middle of Day 4 Level 1 Circuit 2 Strength of Jillian’s 30 Day Shred and I hear my phone go crazy!  ‘xxx’ liked your post…., ‘xxxx’ is now following On a Jamhunt…, ‘xxx’ liked your post…

It was nuts, but this obviously means my content is mildly entertaining, and if not helpful then must be a ‘for shits and gigs’ read!  I am happy with either, the fact that people even read it is pretty alright in my books!  I am not one to be all fanatical about how many followers I can get, or how many likes I can get on any one post, is more about sharing an experience and most importantly about me reading others material to help me find some insights to this crazy game of weight loss, fitness and a new found fav… off-road/trail running!
I made sure to come back and Edit this post, to actually say thank you to my readers! Completely forgot, but then I guess that is what happens when you are constantly daydreaming about running… Thanks heaps my Fifty!!

On another note, my husband is a day late coming home.  His flight from Nigeria to Dubai was delayed like 3 something hours, so he spent the day and a night in Dubai.  He is on his way from Dubai to Melbourne (13hours’ish) as I write, then from Melbourne to Auckland (NZ) (4hours’ish), then Auckland to Tauranga(40mins’ish).  He does 6 plane flights and a helicopter ride, just to get to work/come home!  And him being a day late does nothing for me getting laid!  Yup I said it, 5 weeks, is a long time, to not get any!  I do feel sorry for those women/men who do the ‘apart’ thing for months on end!  Big up’s to them!

Tomorrow is “run” day, it has been raining in the mornings here, so I haven’t been able to cruise out with the twins for a quick 5k.  It is meant to be fine tomorrow, my friend Amy is keen to hit up the TECT with me.  I am keen to check out the 10-15km trails, Although I have no idea where those are, but I have a map, and can surely figure it out.  Important that I find out, so I can train to not die during the TECT trail run later in November.
TECT Trail Race

My secret obsession, obviously wont be a secret anymore, but I don’t care lol I already know I’m easily influenced and at times an obsessive freak!  In this case, I think it is somewhat healthy!
My children have 2 day naps a day, during this time, I didn’t clean or tidy or complete anything remotely close to what is deemed ‘house-work’.  No, instead I read Race reports, of New Zealanders completing events around the country, mostly Ultramarathon’s and trail races.  Just the thought of completing one of these gets me excited to start training for them!  Unfortunately while the children are still small and hubby is out of the country half the year, time to train is scarce.  I am limited to either running with them, which tends to tire me out quicker considering their weight, and/or running 2 times a week on my own.  I like to get a little more extreme while he is home, making sure to take advantage of any child-free time I may get.  I would usually spend this time watching TV, movies, trying to clean my house, trying to find excuses not to clean my house, anything that was not physical, that’s what I’d be doing.
Anyway back to these race reports…  The things these people experience sound like the most physically demanding and mentally challenging things in the world, I want to experience these things!  And the fact that each had the common theme of “Would you ever do it again”, most times the answer would be ‘no’ post race, then days later that same ‘no’ would change to a ‘yes/hell yes’…sounds to me like giving birth to a child, and I can handle that, I’ve done it twice and one of those times was with twins! ha!  I know the two are in no way comparable, but I have a jist of that same feeling!

Anywho, watch this space for some trail action, I am an amateur at best, but that’s how they all start out right?!?
Do what you love, and Say what you feel…blah blah blah Dr Suess, you get where I am going with this…

Jay 🙂

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