Day Two of the Shred and a F***ing Mish of a Run!!

Busted my balls today, hypothetically speaking!  According to my FitBit, I climbed this today…

The Transamerica Pyramid – 97 Floors! YEOW!

My Quads are going to kill me in the morning so I will make sure to get some rolling done.  I wonder if I would look like a dick if I tried rolling my inner thighs lol can you even roll your inner thighs? Im gonna try, no one is around, if it feels awkward then I will ditch the idea haha!
Which leads me on to the Shred.  My second day and my inner thighs are just starting to get a bit tight, also my forearms, and just slightly on the Obliques.  The pain is only slight, and not over bearing, so I should be fine to get through the first 10days, I know the next 10 have more explosive movements in it, which I am also looking forward to! Level 2 has to be my fav!
I take my hat off to people completing the Shred program, especially if it is for the first time, and more especially if it is the first bit of activity that you have done in a long while.  You just have to see the work that Jillian does with those very over weight people and quite literally Shreds the fat off of them.  They may all feel like they’re dying, but when you have not worked out that intensely before, you body is going to be telling you all about it!  At least its a good pain right!?! Much respect to the 400 pound people doing jumping jacks!

Also went to the Chiro today and he emailed me some interesting info after my appointment.  I have only been able to read a small bit of it,  he was explaining to me the benefits of barefoot running and that I should give it a go.  I suddenly feel as if I must eat my words in my previous post  – How to run a better 5k… Where I talk about getting the right shoes for your feet.  Hmm I will read the article and work my way through the technical wording to get a jist of what its on about.  But defs something to consider!  Well if the Chiro says its beneficial, there must be something in it, and this man knows his shit!  He fixes my back and hips, he’s close to god as far as I am concerned!! ha!

My run…
02.04.2013 Mount Run 02.04.2013 Mount run

If you have been following my posts, you would know that K’s 2 and 3 are a bit crazy with a 229m elevation, I have yet to count the steps necessary to get to the top, but there is a reason why they call it the “steep” side of the Mount. Yikes!
All up a good mix of elevation 7.1km, 1.11hr @ 9’54″/km, I ignore this speed, there is no way I’d be running up those stairs! It would quite literally kill me!

I have some intense sugar cravings going on leading me to eat cake that I made for my children @ 172cals per slice, eek!  It could be worse I guess, at least I stop at just the one slice.  I love/hate that I am a good baker! goh!
Other than that we were left sitting at 1500 odd cals for the day.  I chugged some chockie milk for my post run snack which helped get those sugars back up, even though it was only 7km, it was slightly over 1hour and included an intense mountain!  I needed that milk.  More importantly I need to search for a more suitable chocolate milk if I am going to drink it.  Something with better carb to protein ratio and pref low fat!  At 150cal, the Kiddies one I had wasn’t too bad.

Tomorrow I am looking at a shorter 5km run/walk with the children in the morning, also Day 3 of Shredding and I have to finish mowing my lawns, Ran out of fuel half way through so now my backyard looks like a cricket pitch!  Gotta love doing boy jobs! URGH!

Right on track with my April plan, 2 days in, feeling good, ready to continue ripping shit up

Jay 🙂

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