All Over April!

It is April, and I am all over it!  I had a nice relaxing weekend and now I am ready to get this Beast show on the road!
As planned I am hitting up 120kms for the month, this means I will have to run at least 30k a week.  I am planning to run 4-5 times a week at 5-7km, alternating the longer runs with a shorter run.  Knowing me I will try and be a hero about it and push a few long runs in a row, lets hope I don’t over do it and send my amateur ass back to the drawing board!

Day one of 30 Day Shred – I always fly through level one, however this time last year I would not have.  This time last year most of the exercises in just the first level would’ve killed me and I would be in pain for at least 2 days resulting in me never finishing the full 30, but only just making Day 10 at what should’ve been 20 or something silly like that.  I must admit, it did open up a whole new world of abilities for me, once mastering each move and losing my first 5 or so kg’s, I was pretty much on a roll with getting my body to a point it has never been before!  In all honesty, By the time I am finished with this quarter, my body will probably be at its best ever fitness level of my entire life, seeing as I have never been hugely sporty.  I had played school and college netball, and did a few outside of school club sports/martial arts, but not taken any of those anywhere and never really achieved much at all.

Urgh Weigh-in Day

Weigh in 25.03.2013 – 78.5kg
Weigh-in 1st April – 77.7kg
800grams Yo!
Pretty chuffed about that, considering I had been holding on to that 78kg mark for like forever!!

30DS Day 1 Level 1 done and dusted, Cal consumption for today @1258Cals, a good start to the month!

Tomorrow I run eeeeee!  Totes excited about it!  Very much addicted, got the bug!  Oh and another good thing about today… Had the stroller tyre fixed by the Bro-in-law, who I also bought my bike off.  Him and his wife (my hubby’s sister) have just sold their Bike business and so I got in before it all was settled!  Yuss!  They are pretty much the “Man’/s” lol if that even make sense… So back to the tyre, will be able to get in a couple of runs with the children before hubby comes home on Thursday, almost 5 weeks down and he is coming home!
I really want to head out to TECT, but probably just hit up the Mount – Up, Down and around, just to save some Gas money, spent almost a whole half tank boosting out to the TECT last week, and the Commy doesn’t muck around with fuel, a down side of the hubby owning a V8!

Tomorrow, Day 2 of 30DS, a 6-7km run and a shit load of house work, lawns to mow if I am on to it with my organisational skills… shit just remembered a visit with the Chiro at 10am, yikes! Big day, busy day, looking to smash out that 15,000 steps on the old FitBit!

Looking forward to a very active week and some more super weight loss!

Have a strong week y’all!!

Jay 🙂

P.S. Forgot to do before pics for my 30DS, will snap some up tomorrow, always hard to do them on my own tho lol


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