He who makes a beast of himself, gets rid of the pain of being a man. – Samuel Johnson

Today I made a Beast of myself, and It will most likely not be the last time!
I owned the TECT again today, myself and my GC Brad.  He carved me by a good 2 or so minutes, but I am not comparing myself to anyone else’s fitness level, I was glad to just get out there and I think he enjoyed the trail too.
Oh and much to my disgust I dropped my fitbit out there, only realised when I drove back into town which is like a good 35km’s away 😐 eek!  I thought hmmmm I’ll go back in the morning, but I looked on the TECT’s website, we were good till 9pm, I was going back!!  its a good Hundy and something for a FitBit, I wasn’t going to waste my money when I could potentially find it!!  Plus my husband will kill me if I didn’t atleast go back to try find it!
Amy decided to come with me… you know that awesome photographer chick I know, yep she didn’t want me trekking that scary dark tunnel on my own lol  I must say though, we were not equipped if we needed to contact someone or run some kind of app for anymore than we had, 9% battery power was not the brightest of ideas haha
So we started walking the loop, and after we had got 2 thirds of the way, I was convinced that it was a lost cause.  We were about about 400 metres away from the car when I kinda saw something on the ground of a similar colour, got a little closer, Fuck Yeah!! Found it!

Brad and I also had a wee jam on this…

28.03.2013 014
Pic doesn’t do it justice, and I should’ve been on the ground taking the pic so you could see the whole thing.  I have decided that I have no upper body strength what so ever!! URGH!  Terrible!  Will have to work on that closer to TM!

And because of all that strenuous exercise I have just spent the last half hour foam rolling my hammys, calves and quads!!  Feel a ton better now!

Foam Rolling Infographic

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Actually, since I began foam rolling I have not had one problem with my calves or quads!  None of that aching pain on the morning after!  Love my Foam Roller!!  I guess if you really love running, and cannot afford the physio or massage, get yourself one of these!

I would run tomorrow, but I think it would be wise to have a rest day, plus the stroller tyre is still bung, so can’t even take the wee babes with me *big sadface*!!

Cal consumption was pretty good today.  Aprox 1300cals, some good carb surrounding my beast of a run, and a lazy sandwich dinner on arriving home from a hard day of exercise lol

Getting back on it, and re-finding my funk.  Feels good!

Jay 🙂

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