Pretending My way to ‘Awesome’

I started running in Nov of last year.  Before this time, I hated running!  Like URGH hated running!  Today I love it!
I bought a bike last week… I hate biking lol  But I will learn to love it.  I’ve been tricking my mind into thinking certain things almost all my life haha and in this case it is not such a bad thing.
This my friends is my new ride…
My Bike

Now I have no idea about biking.  Way back when I was a mini me, I can remember I did the biking leg of the Weetbix Kids Triathalon with 2 of my primary school friends, I kinda sucked at it back then, and 18/19 years later I can imagine that I will kinda suck at it now.  But I will get better!  So when purchasing this bike I had all intentions of getting right into Mountain Biking… here’s hoping it was worth the investment, I’m sure it will be!

My next ‘hate’ is swimming, I f***ing hate swimming!  And this one has got me stumped.  I don’t think I could learn to like swimming…maybe.  This is where ‘talking myself into something’ would come in handy, I’ll have to try get myself there one day I’m sure.  Fake it till you make it lol Well it is one thing I do so great…Pretending my way to awesome!

Today I had plans to run The Tauranga Estuary, and then I thought maybe the Mount, then Researched another reserve to run, got out there – no Cell reception, no GPS reception lol No Deal!  In times like that you need a dog!  I want a dog!
But anywho, back to where I was going with this post…
I can’t stop thinking about the next time I will run up at TECT, so I decided I’ll just go and run it lol

Just a quick 3.2km, so quick in fact that I shaved off 10mins from the last run up at TECT for my first Loop.  Wanna know how I kicked that 10minutes??  I didn’t stop the whole way!!  Felt amazing!  Wish I had time to do a second loop but had to get home to pick up my children.  Thursday is my next Date with the TECT, I am very excited!  And this time I have my TMGC with me.  (Tough Mudder Good C***)  Oh and BTW…my first kilometre was still really ugly, man I hope I get better at it, I have to push past the urge to want to stop and take a rest!  But once I get past it, I can pretty much carry on non-stop, I guess it is normal…is it normal? meh…

Ok formalities…Weigh-in URGH!
Weigh-in 18.03.2013 78kg
Weigh-in 25.03.2013 78.5kg

This is what happens when you don’t track lol Oh my life…back to MFP I go, it was good to have a break, so now I am in a better state of mind to continue my weightloss!

Plans for this week…
Today – TECT 3.2km
Wednesday – 5k Street run/walk, if time permits, got a busy day!
Thursday – TECT 7.5km
Friday – Mount Up, Down and Around, but maybe if Miss Amy comes with me, we can just do around twice, seeing how she feels about it lol
Saturday – REST
Sunday – 5k Street run/walk

Speaking of my friend Amy…
Do you remember how I mentioned her in >>this<< post, how she got her snaps in the newspaper??  Well Miss Famous in NZ Jarmin, is famous once again…
Was so crazy, she was just flipping through the paper, and noticed the pic they printed in that issue was hers!!  EXCITEMENT!
So here is what she had submitted to hopefully be picked to publish…

26.03.2013 014 26.03.2013 013
There is that name again!  Pretty darn choice if you ask me!

So we are starting to get a bit more serious about this training business, Zombie run is in 6 weeks!  Will have to post some pics of what we get up to to be able to survive the apocalypse!  Bet you are all dyyyyying to know what our theme is….  Not telling!!!

Jay 🙂


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