Underestimating my potential!

Today was a pretty chur day!  Pretty Chur because I smashed 4 PB’s today!  And I don’t mean Peanut Butter!… After almost 2 months of doing a lot of fuck all!
It felt pretty amaze-balls!  In fact it was so amaze-balls that I thought it wasn’t real!  I had to read through my run results twice just to make sure the app wasn’t telling me lies.
Again I ran the TECT All Terrain Park track called TeRerenga Trail, the first time I ran this was only last Friday, 7 days ago.  On that run, just one loop of 3.5km’ish I thought it was pretty rough.  In a post I wrote last week I thought it was a 5k loop, but was mistaken so decided this time I’d run it twice.  Well, run it twice I did, and too my surprise it felt like I had been running for years!  I found my funk in the second loop, my body sorted its shit out and succumbed to going with it and for most of the second loop I breezed through it non-stop.

TeRerenga 22.03.2013 045
Now if you have been following my blog, you will know that this is quite an achievement for me.  I have been stuck in between 4-6km runs, at a rough average of 40-50mins, rough speed of 7’30″/km-7’40″/km.  I got myself into this rut thinking I’d never get anymore than 6km, not to mention be able to do this comfortably, never thought I could achieve a faster speed than what I had been sitting at.  I had become a defeatist!
Last night I posted on my FB Becoming Beast Page that I would aim for 55mins for 7km.  Kind of hoping that because I had posted this I would trick my body into thinking I could do it!
I think the trick worked because as you can see by these results, I pretty much reached Beast Mode today!…
Run time – 57.08mins
Ave Speed – 7’40″/km
Run Distance – 7.44km
PB’s broken…
Fastest 5k – 38.19min
Fastest 5k 22.03.2013 040
Fastest Mile – 8.50min

Fastest Mile 22.03.2013 041
Fastest 1k – 4.32min

Fastest 1k 22.03.2013 042
and Farthest Run

Fartherst Run 22.03.2013 043

I think this is very Boss!
Unfortunately I didn’t have time to take pics while on my mish, but the scenery is really choice, I am totally in love with Off-Road running, Streams, Bush, tunnels, a good mix of up and down hill.  I am sure regular jams on his trail is going to definitely contribute to not dying during Zombie run, not to mention Tough Mudder!
After doubting myself not being able to get my continuos running going, I ran more than 2 whole km without stopping!
Tbh the first 2-3k was not pretty, it was actually quite ugly!  I started building up all this saliva causing me to spit like a dude, breathing so loud and hard it sounded like I was dying and my legs at first felt so clumsy I thought I had forgotten how to run!!!   It took me a bit to get my breathing right and to maintain a comfortable speed, especially when dealing with all the mixed terrain.  But once I hit my funk during the beginning of the second loop, It actually felt so amazing I thought I could keep it up forever!
The Nike App sounded that I had hit the 7km mark, my insides smiled so big I kind of just wanted to yell out “Yeah Bitches”!!!, and I could’ve coz I was out in the bush lol but refrained coz after all I think I am a Lady…. hahahaha sure sure keep telling myself that!
You better believe I was Beast today!  Beast Mode hard!
I have a lot of catching up to do, especially because this month has been very bare of any activity!
April will be an amazing month for especially since it is only 7 Weeks till I “Run for my Freakn Life”!

Oh and its my mums birthday, today she turns 49, she looks pretty choice for being 1 year shy of 50, which is good for me too, to have good aging genes! ha!  Happy Birthday Mum!  Hope you are having a wonderful day and that Michaela and Ta’i are both planning to spoil you rotten tonight because you deserve it!!  Mum in the middle…

Second cool thing for today, more this week really.  My children’s Nanny got a tattoo!  She pretty much walked in and got it.  She had planned on getting one and had been to a few places to try find something that she would like.  I mentioned the place I got my last tattoo, and she pretty much walked in, got something drawn up, hummed and haa’ed about it for a bit, and got it done!  Totes super cool!!!
Sharna Tattoo 22.03.2013 046 Sharna Tattoo 22.03.2013 047

Anywho, Sorting out my act, Weigh-in Monday,
Looking forward to some better results!!

Jay 🙂


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