I have stopped counting my Calories!

I am on an MFP Hiatus!!!  and I hate how my brain works sometimes!

Firstly lets get the formalities out of the way…
Weigh in 11.03.2013 78.3kg
Weigh in 18.03.2013 78kg
300 Grams, the last 10kgs are definatly the hardest to lose!
Oh and last week I ran this baby…
TECT All Terrain Park Te Rerenga Trail
The Te Rerenga Trail is roughly a 3.5km loop.  I don’t know why I had it in my head that it was 5km.  It must’ve been during my ‘Off-Road Tracks’ research that I got confused.  I was running it and half way through it said 1.2k to main entrance, I felt kinda bummed that I didnt run it fast enough to do 2 loops, next time I wont be so casual about it.  It was a good beginners track to run, lots of steady terrain, a few inclines and steps, nothing too intense unless you count this Tunnel that goes under the main highway…
Tunnel Entrance Tunnel from the Exit
Its kinda creepy, and you do really need to either take a torch or in my case iPhone App torch, but its a cool way to break up the run, just need to be careful not to fall into the large crevices, hence the torch.
It was really weird to be amongst all the forestry, almost unnatural, but I like it!  and I am going to try get out there at least once a week!  It takes about 10-15mins to drive out there, as its 22km from the edge of town.
I ran it with my friend Amy, shes great!  Actually shes so great that she got one of her Photography pics printed in the newspaper yesterday!!!!  Check it out…
Amy Jarmin Article The Walking Track Mt Maunganui | Amy Jarmin
Amy took this pic at The Mount, the exact same ‘Mount’ that I run/walk Up, Down and around every now and then, but it looks so much better in this pic than when I am busting my nuts dragging my fat ass around it! ha!
Amy is such a star, even though she is in the beginnings of her studies with Photography, she is pretty much Super all round!  Just saying! lol

K back to the calorie counting…
I stopped!  I was working myself up with all these conflicting ideaologies and studies and different blogs and websites, that I decided I’d just go back to basics and eat simple!
And the confusion on what to do and what not to do, what to eat, what not to eat, super foods, etc etc, it was all driving me nuts and in all different directions!
So I decided I’d plan my entire month and start up a new Page/Blog for my attempt on OAMM – Once a Month Mum.  Taking out all the guess work, making it simple and making it in bulk!!  Freezer time!
Today I spent some decent time cooking up a storm for my children and I.  Theyre 15months and are pretty much eating what I am eating now, so it helps.
More of that story to come, but for now I am happy with the 300gram loss, and will be working on more in the coming weeks 🙂  oh and some running!

Heres to simplification, heres to organisation and heres to getting on with it!

Jay 🙂

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