Life through someone elses eyes – Am I getting it wrong?

I needed some inspiration this morning, not to feel inspired to do something great, but to feel grateful for what I have.  I am not overly a religious person, and I don’t have any one belief system, but what I do believe in, probably instilled by my mother, is to be grateful.

I didn’t go too much into finding out what this guy is all about, watching this video was enough.  Living life simply so that others may simply live, its a great concept, but puts us out of our comfort zone.  It makes me question my values and ask myself “Am I getting it wrong?”, am I living wrong?  Is there indeed a right way to live?  Who knows, I don’t, but for today I was struck by the beauty in someone else heart and for today this was enough for me to reflect on how grateful I am.

My thoughts on how to be Grateful:

∞ Be happy in your circumstances
I first came across this thought while boosting through blogrolls, the blog OnHandModern with Celeste.
Anywho, be happy with what you have, how ever much or little you have, it is most probably going to be more than someone else has, and someone else probably would rather be in your same cirucumstances and be satisfied.

∞  Appreciate your children
You probably don’t think you have time to do this, but play!  Play with your children, your family, your friends.  Time is made up of minutes, mintues that you cannot get back.

∞  Say Thank you!
For anything and everything!  Good manners never go un-noticed!  Be appreciative.

∞  Fill your soul
With things that are not material.  Music, Images, Places, Voices, Books, anything that catches your heart, especially those of beautiful human spirit!

∞  Be Inspired
Again you probably think you don’t have the time to do this, yet you will probably waste a lot of time on doing things you don’t actually want to do.  Check this out…  Let things inspire you!

∞  Grow great people
Your children, other peoples children, friends, family, whoever.  Be a positive influence to build great minds, souls, hearts and spirits.  Encourage others to be better, teach your children to also grow great people!

∞  Love the one you are with!
Tell them that you love them, every single day!
If you don’t love them, quit wasting time, no matter how complicated the situation may be, there is never a time where there is time to waste!  Discover your Love Language here, or that of your Partner/Husband!

∞  Give
To a charity, to a friend, to your family.  Give regularly, it doesnt have to be money, it could be something as simple as your time, your advice, that jersey you never wear, that thing that you never use.  Give and don’t expect repayment.

∞  Stop your complaining!
I am the worst at this one!  My husband tells me all the time lol
At least minimise your complaining, someone out there is worse off – you better believe that!

∞  Go with Grace
Be humble.  Celebrate and celebrate out loud, but not to be better and look better than someone else.  At the end of the day what is more noticable is the effort you put in and the meaning of the deed.  Do not be a hater, as hard as this may be, do not even speak ill of your enemy.  Work on your own shit, never mind what they are doing!
“The ideal man bears the accidents of life with dignity and grace, making the  best of circumstances.” – Aristotle

∞  Consider others
You never know what your neighbour has had to endure to get to where they are.  Be respectful, consider others and their feelings, their thoughts, their beliefs.  Do not be so quick to judge!

∞  Laugh a little
Its infectious and it heals – make sure its with and not at!!
Even when things are super shithouse, there is always something to laugh about!

∞  Plant a tree
Reduce your carbon footprint.

∞  Work hard and Be nice to people
You cannot expect to be respected and viewed in good light if you are a dick!  Plain and simple!
Work Hard and Be nice to people
Jay 🙂

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