9 weeks till I “Run for my Freakn Life”!

Sure its only a 5k run, and sure its broken up with a whole bunch of crazy obstacles, and yes my team is going theme, but this aint no walk in the park, this is the end of the world and we are being chased by Zombies!
My team ‘Becoming Beast’ is all registered up for the “Run for your Freak’n Life!
$1000 prize money for best Theme so for as long as my big mouth can keep it a secret, we are keeping our theme on the D’Low!
Here a some pointers on how to survive the run…

And this is exactly why you need some amigo’s to help a brutha out when you are facing difficulty during the course…

On another note…
Weigh-in was yesterday and I am relieved and pissed at the same time!
What we were looking at for last weeks weigh-in – 78.5kg
Yesterdays weigh-in – 78.3kg
A hidieous 200gram loss, which I guess I should be happy with seeing as my week wasn’t clean and I didn’t run once! URGH!
My family have all gone home, so today I have not mucked around, Ive just got on with it and pulled finger!
Back on the MFP – View my Profile, Add me as a Friend 🙂 and have just signed off on a successful logging day!
Also jumped back on the Running Bandwagon! and broke some of my PB’s while I was at it!
Longest Run 12.03.2013 Farthest Run 12.03.2013 Mt Maunganui - Mauao

Quite proud of my first run in almost 2 weeks lol  but at the same time I have work to do!  Although the 2nd km is on a mean incline, I couldve done way better at getting my fat ass up it!  Although I stopped 2 or 3 times to stretch out my calves, I thought I did quite well to keep it at roughly 17 mins to get from the first steep incline to the top.  Physio for me today, so there was no way I was going to pull something when I could be cleared of injury.  No injury mean no Physio, which means less expense!!!
I’ll look at completing this same run at least once a week, and maybe to extend myself later on I will park my car further away till I get in atleast my 5miles.
Friday I plan to head out to TECT All Terrain Park, there is an off-road 5k in there, and hopefully in Dec I can partake in the 10km Off-Road comp run.
Starting to fall for Off-Road Running!

Well anywho, tomorrow will more than likely be a simple 5k, and more good logging on MFP, continue my goal of 10,000 steps, and look at a better loss for next Monday’s weigh-in.

Jay 🙂


  1. That Zombie run looks like heaps of fun! I’d love to run as a zombie, trying to catch everyone. Haha. Good luck with it Jay, The off-road running sounds great too.

    1. Yup, I am wondering if they get their zombies to work out and train up for the event…quietly wishing they were those old school kind of zombie, the slow ‘arms out’ type that took forever to get anywhere and were completely unco-ordinated lol

  2. Oh god those are the worst! Was maybe hoping for middle of the road ones, like on Shaun of the Dead ha!
    Better start working on speed and agility and not so much uphill like I did today! eek!

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