The week that was…

My week of clean eating wasn’t entirely clean.  But I did pretty well, and got pretty close to it.  4 days of being on holiday (due to a troublesome car one of those was forced, seeing as I was meant to return on Sunday not Monday)  100 butter cream frosted cupcakes, a three tiered vanilla buttercake (Both made by yours truely 🙂 ), numerous BBQ cooked meats, seafood, Polynesian market food, alcohol and fastfood.  Of all this unmissable food, you would’ve thought I’d turn my ‘cheat day’ into a ‘cheat weekend’.  I did a semi, and had little bits of almost everything being careful not to stuff my face like I would’ve this time last year!  No cupcakes, a teeny tiny piece of cake and no alcohol, I did well considering, and didn’t overly feel like I missed out.
Being home a day late meant I ran my weigh-in a day late but nevertheless weighed anyway this morning.
So lets re-cap…
Last monday after 5 weeks of sweet fuck all we were sitting at 81.1kg.
Today 8 days later of semi-clean and slightly naughty eating 78.5kg, bringing us to a 2.6kg loss…CHIKAWOTTT!
14kg to date!

My calf is almost back tip top, been to the physio this arvo and we are looking pretty good to go, so am looking forward to building back that endurance and getting my pre-beast on for TM training 🙂
We are at 9.5weeks countdown to 5k Zombie run, I am super excited about this one, its a tiny taste of TM, a little bit of cardio, a heap load of off-road and a whole bunch of costume make-up, for the zombies…not so much me haha. Very excite!

Plan for this week is a couply runs, a wee bit round the Mount again, and a whole bunch of clean consumption.  I can’t say palate-wise that I entirely enjoyed my cleaner stuff last week, but my body kinda thanked me for it.  I guess my week needed to be planned out and given a bit more thought.  I love food, I love good food, so for me to keep it real and continue this as a lifestyle, I need to start clueing myself up!

2.6kg losses are not something I could maintain, but am keen to get back to my average of 1kg a week and for me to feel a little more comfortable in my own skin, I think we will be happy with a goal of a good 10kg for starters.  So of my 3.6kg gain, Im pretty stoked with a 2.6 loss, 1 to go just to get me back to where I was.

Rose CakePic doesn’t do it justice, and it probs isn’t good for encourage better eating, but I love cake and I love making cake.  My Aunts 60th birthday cake, she is an awesome cook, and it was cool to be able to give a little back…especially as she wasn’t expecting me or half of my family to even be at her surprise party.  Happy Birthday Aunty…in a world of Kaos, you have always been a sure thing! xoxoxo

Jay 🙂

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