A Stitch and a Pain in the Butt!

Run felt good today, except for the fact I got a fat stitch!  Stitch more scientifically termed Exercise -Related Transient Adominal Pain, can happen for a number of reasons, and for me today I think I have an idea of why.

After reading Twin Labs how to relieve a side stitch, I figured it was one of the following reasons –

Excercising too soon after eating –  food in the stomach can create extra force on the ligaments and increase cramping
Or Irregular breathing – When running, make sure to take deep, even breaths, as shallow breathing leaves the diaphragm consistently raised, not allowing the ligaments to lower far enough to relax

They also give these explanations –

Characterized by a sharp, stabbing pain just beneath the ribcage, this frustrating cramp occurs most frequently during vigorous activity that involves a lot of up and down movement, such as running or jumping. The pain is caused by a spasm of the diaphragm muscle when the ligaments extending from the diaphragm to the internal organs (particularly the liver) are stretched.

Though it can occur on either side of the abdomen, the side stitch occurs much more frequently on the right side. Why is that? When you inhale, your lungs fill with air, and your diaphragm is forced downward. When you exhale, your lungs contract and your diaphragm rises. While running, approximately 70% of people exhale as their left foot hits the ground with only about 30% of people exhaling as their right foot hits the ground. The latter group is more likely to experience side stitches. As the right foot hits the ground, gravity pulls your internal organs, including the liver, downward. If you are exhaling at the same time, then your diaphragm rises as your lungs contract, resulting in stretching of the diaphragm. This repeated stretching can lead to spasms in the diaphragm.

To treat a side stitch, it is best to stop, or at least reduce the intensity of, the activity that caused the stitch. Take deep, even breaths until the pain subsides. Applying manual pressure to the painful area can also help to alleviate the pain. If you tend to exhale as your right foot touches the ground, try to adjust your stride so that your left foot hits the ground as you exhale.

Will be paying more attention to my breathing tomorrow and eating earlier to try and crack this one!

And yes, a Pain in the butt, unsure if it was stress on the glute or hamstring until I watched this from our favourite Doctor.. Dr Jordan Metzl on the Runners World site which you can read and watch here.

Foam rolling and stretching it is! And a quest to build a better butt!

Today is also a two for one…
Yesterday was pretty good on Cal Consumption but not so good on Cal burning.  1318 Cals consumed, no Cals burnt other than those from steps on my Fitbit, spent all day driving around shopping for things for this weekeend….which is a bit hush hush, lets just say I will be travelling…
Today was good on Cal consumption 1354, but at the same time I didnt entirely eat clean, I was in a rush to pack things and clean things and organise things and make lists for things.  A little bit nuts but in all the nut’ness I clocked up the steps, and I think I can cope with that.
I also did Day 1 of 30 Day Shred, to build up some strength seeing as I have none ha!
I also did a short 5k run, taking around 47ish mins, I was happy with that, being that it was only my second real run since being in rehab with my calf, and I swear my kids have put on atleast 1kg each, because they are getting super hard too push! haha  Must do a wee weigh-in for them too just to see what I am dealing with here ha!

Tomorrow is a busy day, I have more packing, a whole bunch of baking and super amounts of cleaning to do, Im sure i’ll be banking up the steps!

Jay 🙂

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