Feeling the clean already!

I’ve been cleaning!  My house and my Diet.  It is pretty darn refreshing!
I also ran/walked today, my fitness is almost back at the beginning, and it sucks!  But thats what happens when you get bung and can’t run!  I definatly notice how running effects my mood, and when I don’t run, I am not nice, and I am lazy!
Running today made me feel good, It took forever to do my usual 5k, but I feel better for my change back already.  No pain, YUSSSSS!  No pain for me! I am very excited about this, will have hopefully my last Physio Appointment tomorrow, then I can spend that money on something else to get myself in shape, Boom!

Food was experimental today.  I hadn’t planned and shopped for my clean week, so that meant using what I had on hand.  It wasn’t too bad, and actually felt good to finally get loads of veg back into my diet!  I have since shopped, Online supermarket shopping is my friend, the only time I take the twins into the supermarket is if Jared is with me, and even then it is not very often.

Calories consumed came out at 1232
Calories Burned 347, 11009 steps taken, 7.77km traveled today

Weigh-in – as shit as I feel about posting my weight, I’d be full of shit if I didn’t.
Last official weigh-in – 19.02.2013 – 77.2kg
Todays weight – 25.03.2013 – 81.1kg URGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
That’s a gain of 3.9kg, oh my life!

Anywho, my clean day today made me feel a lot better about it all, still feel shithouse, but still better for having just got on with it!  As well as making sure to keep this momentum going, 81.1kg will not do for TM!

What I ate –
14.02.2013 004
Doesn’t look very appetising, but imagine this with fresh blueberries.  Oats(ready oats used, not whole oats, will need to buy some Whole Oats!) and Chia w/lite milk note to self – Soak Chia in water overnight, crunchy!!!

Basil Pesto Egg
Looks silly, but kicks plain egg butt!  Basil Pesto and boiled egg, post run snack

Chicken Iceberg Salad

I don’t eat olives, infact I kinda hate them, but today I am making myself eat them, I have a fridge full of stuff that eating, so we have Iceberg, Capers, Olives, Truss tomato, Pear, Cucumber, Chicken and a bit of balsamic, was pretty good to have after all the shit I had been eating!

Chicken chilli

Looks hideious!  But wasn’t too bad, I had chicken Mince Meat that needed eating, I can’t even remember what I had initially planned on using it for!  Chilli Chicken, with Mexi beans and carrot…oh and potato, I never eat potato much anymore, but today its kinda all I had! I Crockpotted the shit out of all of it, wish I had sweet potato instead, organisation is key to not end up eating regular potato!

Ate a banana for Arvo tea  an d chugged a lot of water trying to hydrate from the weekend, I think that may have a tiny bit to do with the scale reading so high, have been re-hydrating since Sunday!

Good to be back in the game and am looking forward to getting out for a run tomorrow!

Jay 🙂


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