Getting Clean – A Road to Detoxification

I have had a filthy 5 weeks of garbage food and drink, I am physically suffering for it though, and am unsure why I continued to do it.  Anywho, TM training starts on the 9th March, so I have roughly 2 weeks to get my body back into the game and back into my Clean Living, it was a shame I had no willpower to continue what I had started.
Last night alone I swear I almost downed a whole box of beer on my own, just quietly I was on fire!  This morning… not so much!
In saying all that, Goals still remain the same, I take my first non-WW weigh-in tomorrow, weightloss is key to getting myself in the right shape for TM.  I need to get light, not just to look good and feel good, but to not be so heavy to carry/drag.
A friend and I are hitting this TM stuff pretty hard, mostly because we want better lifestyles for ourselves, but also to have a bad-ass accomplishment under our belts.  I would say we are slightly masochistic, but it really is all about Becoming Beast – the people that we really want to be, enriching life, taking chances, getting buff and seizing the day.

I found an 8 week transition to getting clean, I had been semi-clean before, but I need to shed to be able to train well, so we are going Nato on this plan!  I wont be doing it to the ‘T – following it word for word’, but as manageable as I can make it, it still needs to fit into my life and not completely rule it!  So first week, because I am a little un-organised having the Hubby leave today and me having my house in such a state, I am going to make this first week Lean protein and complex Carb week, any foods from the Grade A&B list mentioned here from the Harder Better Faster Stronger page – Transition to Clean Eating.

Grade A : Green Vegetables, starchy vegetables, berries, lean meats, seafood, eggs, nuts, dairy, whey protein

Grade B : Beans, legumes (including peanuts), white potatoes.
This should be easier enough to follow, I remember the first time I did this and in just 1 week I had shed something like 2.4kg, which would probably equate to the amount of weight I had put on over the last 5 weeks, tbh I wouldn’t be surprised if it were more!
Again posting food pics etc. I had been pretty slack with that while Hubby was home, but we have agreed that we wouldn’t repeat the same behaviour next time he was home.

Exercise/Activity – I plan to get back into my daily km/miles, but mixing it up a bit with atleast 1 off-road run seeing as I need practice with stairs/hills/uneven surface/mud/water the list goes on.  I have researched a few places to get my off-road on, and will be making a new page on my blog for my training plan all routes included.
Once I get a reasonable base level of fitness, then I will need to move on to conditioning – Upper body and Core mostly.  I am shithouse at both atm, but I am meeting up with Brad, my TM maniac, to suss out a war strategy to get Beast!

Really looking forward to getting clean, It is going to be super challenging seeing as I still have a lot going on with life etc, but we will just have to make it all work!
Anywho, till tomorrow,

Jay 🙂

Oh and pics etc of my Mount Run, was a short 3.83km of madness…
Summit Mount

7000 Steps 7000 Steps
78 Floors 78 Floors

Giant FitBit Flower Giant FitBit Flower!

YAY! Need more of this action!

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