You’ve got 30 minutes, then you jump!

Yesterday was a day like no other, infact it was a hangover like no other!
Valentines Day met Jared and I with a few tasty pre-dinner cocktails and our usual Indian Restaurant outing that we do at least once every 2 months.  I had actually planned a whole day of events to surprise him with for Valentines seeing as he isn’t big on the commercialism of the whole Day, neither am I, but I like it for the pure fact that this one day is devoted to Love…Urck! but you know what I mean..
Anywho, I had 2 glasses of Green Deliciousness called “Green Monkey” and My all time Fav, Pina Colada…and that was before dinner…pre-dinner beveys were consumed at The Phoenix and one of the older bars in Tauranga – Syndicate Bar formerly Coyotes.
Drinks Phoenix Drinks Syndicate Bar
Then Dinner at India Today Tauranga, one of the better Indian Restaurants in town, with great service!  Beer was consumed at this point… I am a sucker for a good Stella with my Indian food…
For Starters we shared a Mixed Platter of Pakora, Samosa, Seekh Kebab and Chicken Tikka – I love the Seekh Kebab, it my absolute fav!!  The pakora on this occasion was a little disapointing as it ressembled a flat poker chip disc with a cruch to match hmmm…  But the rest was great!
I had the usual Butter Chicken, I am scared to venture out and be disappointed with my choice lol  I even have it mild haha  But am always keen to try Jareds, he always has something different.  I was actually looking forward to ordering some Paneer, but they described it as cottage cheese, and immediatly I wasn’t down for any of that.  Dinner was delicious!
Post dinner cocktail at a new Tapas bar Comida, a Tuscan Mule was consumed here, I didn’t enjoy it because I couldn’t taste any alcohol and there was so much Gingerbeer in it, but maybe the lack of taste was due to my half-cut’ness haha
We were just planning on taking a walk along The Strand and then probably make our way home til we bumped into some of Jareds friends from school, who were also a couple with a 13month old of their own.  We decided to go shoot some pool and drink some more… at this point we were really making a night of it!
So 3 beers later and some random conversationing we were on our way home with a ‘Dial-a-driver’ and a comfy warm bed once there!
Morning came and I was HUNG!  I had fortunately hydrated before going to bed popped some asprin and was feeling semi-alive.  We had planned to shop for outfits for a friends P-party themed 50th… we are going Punk… not that hard for me seeing as I still own a lot of clothes from my Punk error haha
Yummy breakkie and then a walk around town to buy some of what we needed.  Jared suggested we drive out to the Mount to buy anything else and unassumeably I agreed and just went with the flow…except he took an early turn off, said he just needed to ‘go down here’ for a bit.
Parked up outside a place named Tandem Skydive Tauranga, and here was me, slouched over in the passenger seat of the Commy hitting up FB on the old iPhone while I waited for him to finish what I thought was him ‘Seeing a guy, about a thing’.  My window was down and here he was leaning in annoucing “weve got to wait 30 mintues and then you are jumping”.  Well, let me tell you, I thought he was all shit, I was being punked, there was no way he would make me jump out of a plane at 10,000ft on a hungover stomach after consuming numerous fruity and milky cocktails, bloating beer and spicey curry….there was just no way that he would be so insensitive!  He was…I was jumping that day, in that moment, save 30minutes for preparation and paperwork! URGH KILL ME NOW!
This is me unprepared for what this means for my stomach…
My Rude Realisation

I had no time for anxiety, no time to be nervous, I was suited up ready to go, I was ready to go!
Kitted up Tightened Up More tightening
The amount of tightening and suiting up and more tightening and gear and safety shoot stuff, All I needed was a leg pack and a gun and I was good for war!

Instructions were explained and I had anxiety about the fact I may fuck it up lol, I sat and waited and I had anxiety I may spew…I burped a little then had anxiety that I may shit myself (being honest), He mentioned videos and photos and how they have a Pic of the week with someones ugly free fall face, I was anxious about being that person.  This whole time I was anxious about everything but flying up in a tiny plane and jumping into nothing but air with a drop of 10,000ft and no wild card just incase I decided to pull out, nope I was doing this, but I was worried about every other fucking thing but the jump!  My sister-in-law Kelly also mentioned I hadn’t done my Will yet, I was anxious about that…not the dying part, just the part that I hadn’t done something that I know I shouldv’e.  So we are kitted up and make our way to the Plane, I jump with some Asian Guy who just casually rocks up flips over a few hundy and says ok I’ll jump.  Rich Asian Guys aye!  He paid the extra for an extra 2000ft, to me it didnt make a diff, I was jumping into air with no control over what was about to happen…this is not me in my element!
Getting it done
So we are at half-way and the guy asks me how I feel… “Sober”, the only word I could utter, unfortunately for everyone else I was not as animated that day, I was hungover.  9000ft came and we were doing checks, dude explains to me that he was going home to his two girls to eat dinner tonight, so he had all intentions of making it down safely, I was sure we would.  He also reminded me to forget about the kids, the hubby, the money, the mortgage, the insurance payments, the powerbills, forget all that, just arch your fucking back kick me in the ass and jump out that fucking plane!  I did as he said I got my arch on, I kicked his ass and I jumped (was pushed) out that plane!


F-bombs and S-bombs were had!  You couldn’t hear them, but they happened, a lot of them, I couldn’t help it, they just spewed from my mouth if I wasn’t eating air.  Fuck Yeah!
The shoot was popped and I was asked to hold two yellowy cable things…then I said ok…”am I driving us?”…uh yep!   Hmm cool!
It was another fuck yeah moment!
We glided through the empty space and met the ground again, I couldn’t really comprehend what I had just done, it was so many things mixed into one “hell yeah” moment.  It was BEAST!
ParachuteThe landDCIM100GOPRO
Jared is actual the Man!  I feel super super bad I gave him such grief the whole week before Valentines Day because last year was a bit of a disappointment, this year, he earned at least 500,000 EXP points for that one act of super’ness.  “You’ve got 30 mintues, then you jump”
Fuck I love him!

Home after war Done
All in a days work…

Jay 🙂

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