Day 4 – Shhhh Don’t Tell…

I have a secret….
I ran today!!  Not really supposed to but I just kinda found myself itching to do it!!  This morning we fed children and decided to go for a walk…I suggested we go out to the Mount simply because I felt like a change in scenery, I am getting bored of what we are running everyday.
So we started walking around, and right at the beginning I teased myself by letting Jared go on ahead while I fished a stone out of my shoe, then ran to catch him up…. It felt good to run!  I wanted to do it again!  We were just doing a casual quick walk before I started picking up the pace and Jared said hurry up then…into a run! YAY!  It was naughty to run prematurely, but it was soo good!  Like being let loose in a candy store!  My mood straight after completely changed, smiles all around!  I definatly have a crush on running!  Or any activity that gets the heart rate up, it is the peas to my carrots!

14.02.2013 005 14.02.2013 006
The Mount ^^^  and Daddy with the Buggy I usually run with 🙂

No pain in my calf subsequently, but a slight tightening, being sure not to over stretch it and send my poor calf back into strain.  I have Physio tomorrow morning again in the Dirty AM of 7, I will be asking some advice on how best to get into some Tough Mudder training… for those of you who have never heard of before this is what I am talking about…

There are more clips on Youtube, anyone of them will get you drooling for some Muddy action!!  Bootcamp training plans can be found here also, if you are interested in getting prepared for one!

Today I have not logged accurately, breakfast has been my typical, lunch we had out at a Cafe My friend works at Kaimai Cafe, and tonight I am taking my husband out for a Valentines Day dinner.  He doesn’t celebrate Valentines, so I decided to be the dude about it and plan something anyway.

As of 3.00pm I have already logged 10000 steps, mostly from the 5k we did this morning, but also from taking our kids out to the park today.  This particular park has sheep, lots of them, and sheep poo, toddlers and sheep poo…you kinda get where I am going with this one huh lol

CHeeks full of sheep poo Grayson eating Sheep Poo
Grayson with his cheeks full of poo! Urgh, the joys of Toddlers!

I am also looking at getting a team for this 5k Fun Run in May – Run For You Freakin Life, a 5k Zombie Run…Am currently trying to pull together a team of 6 to compete in it, mostly for fun, and I get scared easy so It will be no problem for me to be running my hardest and fastest!  Damn those Heebeegeebee’s!!  To check it out, go to this link.

Neck is still crap, really unsure why, Im not expert at these things, but I do know that cramp, tightness and pain in the neck is not a normal thing when it has been going for almost a week!

Anywho, Till tomorrow…

Jay 🙂


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