Day 3 – This pain can EFF right off!!!

I am sore!!  My neck is fucked, my calf is fucked, FML!
I am so broken it has totes affected my mood!  And man am I moody!  Like I think I am becoming unbareable for my husband lol I feel sorry for him, I am a bit of a bitch in the first place, and then to throw this on top doesn’t make for a good time!
I made good dinner tho haha  and he is on his second, almost his third drink now, so I’m sure we will have made peace very soon!

I feel like I want to stuff my face with beer and chocolate, and unfortunatly for me I have plenty of both!!  Damn you Christmas and Birthday!  I hope my mum isn’t reading this post, she would be having heart palpitations at the profanity content today!

I have all the tools that you could possibly aquire to help with weightloss and healthy living and I am still having trouble with motivation, healthy eating and activity!  Today I signed up with Fitocracy, in the hope to spark some positivity and maybe even give me ideas of alternative activity I could do other than my usual running.  Oh I miss running!  I still totally depressed about not being able to do it!

My profile on Fitocracy can be viewed here, I haven’t yet started exercising with it, but will do real soon!

Nutritional Consumption for today was pretty crap content-wise, I need to get those veges in there like something chronic, maybe it will help with my mood!

Anyway, for today…
Breakfast Day 2
My usual Oats w/Chia and Green Tea

Didn’t get a Pic of Lunch, Sausage in bread…you get the jist…

Dinner, Spag Bol’ness!!  Small portion of Premium Minced beef, Heaps of grated Carrot, Courgette and chopped Mushys and a good can of toms!  All on Quick quick low cal Spaghetti Pasta
Day 3 Dinner

We are looking at 1275 for Cal’s today,

Fitbit as of 8.25pm today – 7986 steps 5.28km travelled today, that is usually what I would do in just my usual run, Im so guttered about all this immobile business!!  Actual Atheletes must get so pissed when they become out of action!

Till tomorrow, fucking Valentines Day! urgh!

Jay 🙂


  1. i’ve always wondered about fitocracy. maybe i’ll give it a go.
    Not being able to run sucks. running is like my psychiatrist and i’m always in a bitchy mood when I don’t. at least your eating seems to be good 🙂

    1. Yeah I’m quite excited to try it out especially since I need to start training for Tough Mudder. And running is like a shrink – it keeps the insanity at bay and makes my simple decision making not such a chore! Lol thanks for reading 🙂

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