Day 2 – about the same dumb’ness but kinda better!


Today was a better day, still not 100% but to be honest I don’t think it will be 100% until I can run and/or Jared goes back to work!
Todays Cals came in at just over 1400 Cals, so that was using up all my exercise Cals from all the walking, dumb!

I hate walking!  I like it because it is relaxing, I hate it because it doesn’t burn many Cals… I am mega sadface about this!

Anywho todays pics…

Breakkie – Green Tea and Oats w/Chia
Breakfast Day 2

Lunch – Salt and Pepper Squid with an Iceberg Salad… DELICIOUS!

Lunch Day 2

GAR!!!!! Didn’t pic my Dinner, FARK!  But it is nothing new, I just had one of my usuals… Green Curry, NOM’ness with White rice, naughty huh!!

I also walked up Mt Drury, probably against the Physio’s instructions lol but Ive never been up before and it is only a small’ish hill… I took pic’s of the stairs from the bottom and the view of The Mount (Mount Maunganui) from the top…
Mount Drury Top of Mount Drury Mount Maunganui Stairs on Mount Drury

The Mount, the place actually named Mount Maunganui, but shortened is a beautiful place in New Zealand and I am lucky to be living literally 10mins away from it, the beach is just as beautiful!  Mainstreet Mount has a few good eatery’s and Restaurants that Jared and I try to get to everytime he is home, you can see how this weightloss mish is actually quite hard when we try to ensure we keep some of the things we enjoy while still being healthy human beings!

I was kinda pissed that my Mocha Frapp was 400Cals, and may have chosen better if I logged MFP before deciding what I would have.  It was one of the better Frapps I have had from this particular Starbucks, so I am feeling a bit better about that.

I am in the middle of writing up a “coffee” post about my personal experiances, what I think is good coffee in my own personal opinion, there is a lot of coffee to be had in my wee city, some so good I just have to tell the world, some not so good – I just have to share ha!  I had some good coffee today NOM!

Today I had the physio look at my neck as well as my calf, My neck is also shithouse!  It feels as though I have a constant cramp there, there are 3 known knots in my neck according to my husband, he knows what he is on about, me… I’m not so sure, all I know is that It F’n hurts and is condusive to bad moods.

Fitbit wise…  we are at 12104 steps as of 8.55pm travelling 8km, pretty chuffed about that, seeing as I can only but walk! 😦

Slowly getting there, not 100%, but we will be back in the game, slowly but surely!
Tomorrow a walk, a route I started my first run on, nice and flat, slightly boring but will do the trick, early brid catches the worm, so I am getting off this now…

Till tomorrow then…

Jay 🙂

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