Day 1… Again

Today was much harder than I thought it would be.  Simply because I am unable to start my day with a good hard run.  Stupid leg!  Good thing I go to Physio tomorrow morning at 7am.  Actually amping to get back into it!  Went for a walk around the Mount late this afternoon because I was feeling sluggish, and was chomping at the bit to run… Jared said no, he’s such a Nazi sometimes, but he’s right, I don’t want a premature run to put me out another week, I am already emo as it is because I can’t get the burn I need!  Oh and I didn’t take any pics of the Mount, will do next time, coz there will so be a next time!

I had a hard time eating my apple today, not a fan, it was painful and slow, I even had to cut it up to get it down, why is it so unnatural?!?  I always have taste bud issues with apples, I never know if it is going to be sweet or sour, flourry or crisp… its a lucky dip that I don’t like to play!  I feel so strongly about it, as it messes with my emotions… but I will eat them anyway for the nutritional benefits!

I logged my Moon Joggers Miles/Km’s for December 2012 to Date, I had such a great January, it is a shame that in the last week or so I started to get pain in my calf, quite possibly because I am not being kind to my body!  128Miles for this year to date, which sounds great, but could be more if it weren’t for the injury!
Check out the Moon Joggers site to find out more about what this madness is all about, I am looking to hit up as close to 1000miles this year as I can manage.

Consumed about 1400 Cals today
Burned about 390 Cals
Didn’t get a pic of my breakkie, I woke up with a slight hangover lol from all the birthday beer, IDIOT! – Had my usual Oats w/ Lite milk, and just less than 1/2c fresh blueberries
Didn’t get my lunch either, such an amatuer! – Sausage salad, Had to get rid of the rest of the BBQ food, slight overspend on Cals for lunch, better planning for the rest of the week will ensure this doesn’t happen again.
Anywho… Dinner….
Dinner Day 1
Hoki Sliders 647 Cals for 2 medium sized sliders – Hoki Natural Fillets come in at 88 Cals per serving, Wholegrain roll 132 Cals

Fitbit Stats say 11278 steps for today up until completing this post @ 8.20pm – 7.57km covered today.
Mount walk – aprox 3.3km around, plus an extra 1km or so to get to our car, I didn’t use my Nike App to track distance, but I defs will next time!

Will be adding to my Progress page measurements, weights etc. more progress pics to come as well.
I am sitting at 77.2kg, looking forward to getting that down to early 70’s!

A pretty crap first day, but I will get better at this!

Jay 🙂

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