Sorting my Sh!t!!! and Becoming Beast!

My motivation was at an all time high during my January challenge, so I think the only way I can trick my brain into sorting its shit out is to bump it up a notch.  I am just over my complacent jusitifications as to why I am allowing myself to eat and drink stupid shit, when the truth of it all is that I am just being plain lazy!
My initial thoughts were to do a 100day challenge, I had seen one of the blogs I follow, the chicky did a 100Day challenge and since starting her weightloss journey has lost a great amount of weight and looks totes Fab!  But then I was all like…hmmm but what about after that 100days, do I do another 100days?”  So then I was all like “Fuck It”  “Rest of the Year” it is!

I still need to plan out specifics, but I do have some goals in particular…
I would be most comfortable at losing my last 10kg in the initial 100days, and anything after that is a bonus
Getting myself in a position to join a crossfit community, its all about cost and child care for me at the moment
Moon Joggers Challenge – I want to be able to smash my 1000miles for the year, kinda scary seeing as I run in Kilometres, but I said I would, and in the past when I said I would, usually means I do!
Eat an apple a day and not just to keep the doctor away… Kinda actually serious about this
Try some new foods purely for the health benefits they provide, review via Blog post
To take snaps of every single meal I eat, also to include recipes for any new things I try
Too add low-downs of all the exercise/activity I complete
… and pretty much anything else I decide to add.

Kinda excited and wee bit exhausted already!
But we are all about Becoming Beasts, and so that’s what I will do…beacause I said I would!

Jay 🙂


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