Not allowed to RUN!!!

Its true! and its shithouse!  Im not down with it and am already mourning the Calories I could be burning, but am not because I can’t do much that doesn’t involved using my calf/left leg! * MEGA SADFACE*
Went to physio this morning, and had some great deep tissue stuff done and some alternative strength moves to use instead of my usual lunge, which will help take the pressure off of my hip causing a sharp needle like pain to shoot through my hip and down my leg.  My calf requires a week minimum to heal, some straining done in certain parts of my calf, have been given some stretches to do, and not to over-do the stretch otherwise my calf will trigger off the pain and strain again.  TOTES BOGUS!
I can’t even do my usual 5k but as a walk, as there are too many hills and this could aggrevate it more.  Maybe I will swim, have thought about joining a gym, but can’t justify the cost!  I’ll crunch some numbers and see where else I can save to be able to go.  My calf is still unhappy 😦

Contrary to what the Physio said about limited activity for the calf, I tidied our hedge today lol  and it is no ordinary hedge, it is a big one, and requires a lot of up and down on a ladder and balancing acts in conjunction with wide arm movements carrying a heavy piece of mechanical man machine’ness!  I felt a little bit like a dude tbh, I liked it! lol  I also mowed my mini-football field of a lawn, while my husband built a deck in our backyard, well its not finished, but he’ done a lot!

This is my hedge…

Hedge 4

That’s just in my backyard, what about the front…

Hedge 3

Yup thats the front, but wait theres more…
Hedge 1

A big fat corner, then…

Hedge 2

A long ass driveway!!  I straightened the shit out of that hedge, I showed it who is boss…. I have sore trap’s (as in the muscles) and shoulders!  It killed me a little!

While the hubby built this…
Deck 1 Deck 2
Many a bevey will be consumed on this very deck!  I cannot wait!

Oh my squishys kinda helped….kinda…
Grayson in earmuffs Moomoo in earmuffs
Earmuff babes

Graysons instructions Moomoo Building
Tomorrow I am unsure of what physical activity I will partake in, and I am unsure of my nutritional consumption, all I know is that there will be BBQ, Beer, Tunes and good company…. It is my birthday tomorrow, I will be turning 29, ICK!
I say ick, yet I am excited to turn 30 lol I think my 30’s will be the best, can’t wait!

I also cannot wait to run again, I miss my crush on Endorphins!

I’ll try blog tomorrow, I don’t know how compose I will be though…

Jay 🙂

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