Crash and Burn

Totally lost motivation over the last week or so, went on holiday and came home deciding to still stay on holiday!  Since having my hubby home I have not lost any weight, infact I have gained 1kg!  I have run/walked quite a bit, but not enough to make a dent in the cals consumed, I need to sort my shit out!
As a result of being on holiday from good healthy nutrient rich foods, I feel sick!  Like literally!  Im so tired all the time, I crave all the time – this in turn curbs good food choices and water consumption.  I feel like my world is ending lol  oh and hubby said I am moody hahahaha  I havn’t run hard so much in the last 2 or so weeks, so I do not have those much needed endorphins and keep me chipper!
Yesterday was Waitangi Day in New Zealand, meaning a public holiday for most working people, also meaning Waitangi Day Sales :)!  We bought Fitbits!  I had researched a lot of different types of devices to help me continue along my health and training goals, and even thought about the Nike Fuel bands.  FitBit seemed to be the best bang for the old buck, so hubby got two, on a 15% off sale at Rebel Sports. YAY!  Now I have to use it…hmmm lol

Went for a walk this morning, purposefully not to run, my calf muscle or whatever it is in my leg is still in pain and I have been putting off a visit to the Physio, dunno why, Just slack I think.  But being in pain is causing some Emo’ness, because I can’t run hard and my fitness level/endurance is taking a nose dive, which is super super dumb!  As I write this I have made the phone call, 7.30 in the dirty AM I have an appointment for physio.  Can tick that off my list!

I should be registering for my 5k this month, my little “run-alonger”  Amy, is well in her way to running the 5k with me, she has been following the C25k Programme via App on her iPhone, and has recently reached 3.8km continuous running, she is very excited to get that 5k knocked out!  I hope that I can sort this pain oout otherwise i will not be running at all *insert sadface here*  May even have to take up swimming, which I don’t have time for seeing as my children are still too young to be in a pool without someone else assisting me, I may have to get my nanny involved!!
Anywho, totes bummer if it is something I will have to manage long term, be we will get over that, people have had worse and done great things!

My Fitbit url is  I have a brief understanding of how it works, I have linked it with MFP and supposidely with WordPress too, so hopefully it will pop up at the end of today, how ever that happens.
I changed my hairstyle!  I was over the filthy bleached blonde highlights that I never wanted in the first place but the hairdresser was shithouse!  Instead I have a red in there, I wanted more of an Orange, but I am happy anyway with what I have.  I will be growing out the bangs too, I am past that phase! lol

Pics of my little Squishy’s too…Oh how I love them!!

Twins Race up Grandma's Stairs Dylan Lying on the Water fountain Grayson at Carls PicnicGrayson on the Water Fountain

Right now is always a good time to start, so today I will be starting again!  A goal of 10kg to lose!

Jay 🙂


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