Day 31 – Goodbye Jan, Hello Feb

Day #31

As this month comes to a close, I feel quite good about how I started the year off, and am increasingly confident that I will maintain this momentum to get to my goal which I am sure is just around the corner!  It is just a bummer I didn’t maintain throughout the entire month!
Had a good day for exercise today, and started the 30Day Shred again.  I love how easy Level one is when you have started over the Shred a million times and have not quite ever finished it ha!  Hubby has decided to do it with me which is cool, he cracked up at Jillian a few times.  I am glad to be getting my strength fix, and have even asked if we could get a pull up bar and punching bag for the house lol  I have never really used either before, but am really keen to start!
Todays run was great and I was happy to be doing my usual route, even busted the 6k, rather than just the 5.
I also ruined my great intake with 2 beers today, which I said I wouldn’t drink, but it is summer and beer is my weakness!  I hate this about myself, the fact that I can drink beer like a man!

Breakfast: 341 Cals
Usual Oats with (1/2c)lite milk, 15g Chia,
Molenberg Balance Sandwich with Vegemite and Lite Supersoft
Green Tea

Morning Tea: 228 Cals
1/2 Banana
1 soft boiled egg
1 Slice Molenberg Balance Sandwich
less than 1T Avo

Lunch: 326 Cals
Molenberg Balance Sandwich w/ 1/2 Serving of Pastrami, lettuce, tomato, 10g edam, Iceberg
4 Grapes

Afternoon:  174 Cals
2x Light Cruskits w/ Edam, Tomato and pork luncheon

Dinner:  443 Cals
Scotch Fillet w/ Veg – Talleys Corn Wheels, 1/2 brown onion, meclun salad with tom avo and capsicum

Forgot to take a pic of this one eek!  Was done before I realised I needed pics again!

Snacks: 306 Cals
5 Snow Ball Chocolate – 42 Cals
2 Heineys – 264

TOTAL CALORIES CONSUMED:  1791 – Ate some real stupid stuff today, stuff I didn’t need to put in my fat gob!  Note Taken….Moving on!

Todays run

6.08km, 8’57″/km, 54.28mins, 435 Calories, Nike Fuel 1299
Farthest Run 31.01.2013

Farthest Run PR Broken Today BOOM!

Exercise Rating: 4

(FML Dying 0, I need a lie down 1, yeah not too bad 2, Pretty alright 3, Unstoppable 4, Im lovin It 5)

Intensity Rating: 4

(Piss Easy 0, Could go another hour 1, Just shy of a sweat 2, Pushing it a bit 3, Smashing it out 4, Beast Mode 5)

Total K's Month to Date

Todays Run puts me at 105km out of 100km, 116% complete!

30 Day Shred – Day 1 Level 1 – Entered as Calisthenics Light/moderate Effort.  Jared would’ve probs put it as vigorous, but since I have done it so many times, its not so bad anymore.


This will be the last day I will blog my entire daily intake, I’ll just be busting out the highlights in my posts, and some yummy good stuff I come across!
Oh and speaking of yummy stuff, I made this Clean BBQ Sauce, Totes delish with my crockpot chicken breast, filled tortillas with the mix and salad, easy as Pie!
This sauce is good cold as a dip, or hot in any meal as a condiment or meal base.
Would prefer it to be slightly smokey’er, but it was still a winner with me 🙂
Clean BBQ Sauce The Gracious Pantry

Outlook for tomorrow:
More of the same, will be busting out a good 6k, hoping to push the 6.5, but will see how we go.  Am amped to continue with the 30DS, I need to get Buff!!  Jillian knows how to do it! ha!

Jay 🙂


    1. Yeah, I too was in that boat, and TBH I am still, I still am unable to run the entire thing, but small steps, consistency and determination will get us there! Atleast that what I should be telling myself lol

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