Day 29 & 30

Day #29 and Day #30

Both these days went out the window, I think they followed Day 28.  Walked 29, No run/walk 30.  Didn’t track either days on MFP, so basically screwed my January Challenge ha!
On a mre serious note, I weighed myself on returning from my holiday, and it seems I have put on 1.7kg, which is a bit shithouse, but I am also aware that I usually weigh on a Tuesday/Wednesday 12pm/9am,  so there are some inaccuracies to my home-weigh.  My scales are a wee bit out compared to the WW Meeting Scales, so I dunno, will just have to run my ass off into next week!
I get a bit complacent and comfortable when my husband is home, I don’t seem to lose as much, if I lose at all, and sometimes even put on 😐  Which has nothing to do with him, it is all me and my inability to care about what goes in my mouth!
Well I think I am really bad at trying to justify the shit out of the reasons I make poor choices, i.e. I am on Holiday, Jared is home, I have got *such and such* to go to.  Again, I am full of shit and choose not to plan around these things.  Well I did semi-plan for my holiday, but those portion sizes I set out with and had every intention of keeping to, those portion sizes grew in size to probably almost double.
But I guess the one thing that I do right, is I keep going, I get my shit together and I carry on.

Tomorrow without a doubt I will run, Rain or shine, whether or not I feel like shit, Ima be out there trying to melt away the 2 extra kg I gained while away.  I did really enjoy those 2 extra kgs lol But that affair will only be shortlived!

None 😦
Outlook for tomorrow:

Jay 🙂

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