Day 28

Day #28

Total write off day today! Well for tracking that is. But not too bad on daily calories. I think the lack of restaurants and fast food outlets in a one road in one road out beach town helps to minimise shit… Alcohol… Not so much maybe, 1x 500ml bottle of AppleTree Cider and 3 heineys. I’m so full of shit lol
Anywho, in other news tomorrow we go home and I look forward to getting back to normality and civilisation! I am a city girl and it’s tough for my ADHD mind to keep it together in a beach town, not enough action to keep me occupied, so even though I only logged one run per day while being up here I have walked at least 2 extra hours a day just trying to stop insanity setting in (anymore than it is on a normal day)

Nothing for today, was a rest day so nothing too interesting.

Outlook for tomorrow:
Taking tomorrow as it comes, going home so it’s all about packing up and making our way back. Probs stopping in whangamata for lunch, so I can’t guarantee it’s going to be within my usual days lunch calorie allowance.

Jay 🙂

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