Day 26

Day #26
Run was shithouse, calf tightened up and spent a third of it walking!
Didn’t add a fruity cocktail to my mfp, idiot! So I actually spent over my daily cals, and then spent some more! It’s hard being on holiday!!

Breakfast: 251 cals
Usual oats w/ chia and lite milk

Morning tea: 183 cals
Avo on toast and a third of a banana

Lunch: 459 cals
Ham rolls w/ lettuce and tomato

Dinner: 625Cals
Chilli beef with sweet corn dry roasted potato and dinner roll



4.72km, 10’16″/km, 48.30mins, 327 Calories

Exercise Rating: 2

(FML Dying 0, I need a lie down 1, yeah not too bad 2, Pretty alright 3, Unstoppable 4, Im lovin It 5)

Intensity Rating: 1 –

(Piss Easy 0, Could go another hour 1, Just shy of a sweat 2, Pushing it a bit 3, Smashing it out 4, Beast Mode 5)

Todays Run puts me at 99.8km out of 100km, 99% complete going to be running the shit out of that last 200 metres tomorrow!!


Deep heat/ ibuprofen gel!!!

Outlook for tomorrow:
Plan to do at least 6k, I need to up my burn to accommodate my shitness in self control!

Jay 🙂


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