Day 21 – Getting down with the Sickness

Day #21
Still not hundy percent to run, and I am way over that fact!  Tomorrow better be the day that I can bust some pavement!
My day consisted of building blocks, indoor forts, playing drums on pots and pans and reading hard covered books.  My daughter has just recently learned this new trick called a tantrum, she is really good at it too, I actually went to the extent today of pinning ways to deal with 1year old tantrums lol ya know, just to be prepared and stuff ha!
Its also grocery day, I cleaned out my fridge to be able to put all the new stuff in there, and realised because of my crook stomach there was so much gone to waste and so much still not eaten…for this reason dinner was a Red Curry Madness!  Some of my veg not yet eaten, It was gooooood!  For those who love hot indian food that is.

My Day…

Breakfast: 235 Cals
All the usual
Haraways Sweet Maple Oats w/ 1/2c lite milk
1/2c Fresh strawberries

Lunch:  266 Cals
Mashed Avo, Egg and cheese Sammie – 1/8 Avo, 1/2c Egg and 15g Cheese

Afternoon Tea: 210 Cals
Cocktail Sausage Hot dogs’ish
3 Cocktail Sausages, 1 slice molenberg Balance sandwich 13g Edam, ketchup and mustard

Dinner:  482 Cals
Red Curry Madness – Pretty much made this up on the spot, putting a whole bunch of stuff in that I had in the fridge
1 Can Watties Tomato Puree
2c Cubed sweet potato (par boiled)
Green Beans
1 1/2 Red capsicum
1 small red onion, 2 small shallots
1tsp Garlic and Ginger
2/3 tsp of cumin and tumeric
1/2tsp ground chilli
1Tbsp Red Curry Paste

Sautee Onion, Shallot, Ginger and Garlic and capsicum
Chuck in the Cumin, Tumeric and Chilli
Add tomatoes, Sweet potato and Green beans, bring to boil then simmer till Sweet potato is cooked through.

I had this with 1/2c Basmati and 1/2 WW Natural yoghurt pot


Again nothing for today, just looking at getting out in the morning air tomorrow.

Outlook for tomorrow:
No more of this “Getting down with the sickness” Business, Over It!!

Jay 🙂

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