Day 20 – On the Mend

Day #20
Almost back to 100%, not quite there but should be good tomorrow, thank FUNK!
Had a better day for food, but probs not enough, still struggling to get it all down or even feel in the mood for it!
Went out for a walk with the children today, it was such a nice day to be hanging around inside, wouldve love to have run this morning, but I would be running to each and every loo stop along the way ha! TMI yeah I know!
Anywho, today…

Breakfast: 208 Cals
All the usual but without the fruit
Haraways Sweet Maple Oats w/ 1/2c lite milk
15g Chia seeds

Lunch:  266 Cals
Cream Cheese and Banana Sammie on Molenberg Balance

Afternoon Tea: 82 Cals
Bulla Fruit Split – Raspberry

Dinner:  316 Cals
Green Curry Chicken, with 1/2c Basmati

Nothing today, still in recovery mode, but heaps excited to be back in the game very very soon!

Outlook for tomorrow:
Hopefully will run tomorrow, maybe just just a 5k depending on how I go, a very slow 5k lol we’ll see, and so will you,
Till then…

Jay 🙂

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