Day 19 – Call the Nurse!

Day #19
Ive Hit a wall!  URGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!  I wish I could say that I feel “less than ideal”, when actually I am feeling “Absolutely Shithouse!”  Not quite close to death though!
Today was a lazy day, I don’t care too much about my appearance or the appearance of my house either ha!  Im going to spend as much time in bed as I possibly can being a semi-single mum of twins!
I orrdered out for dinner too, not because I have nothing in my house that I feel like, but because I am on my ass and cannot even get close to being able to cook!  It was a struggle just to force a smoothie down for lunch, made sure to get some Chia in there!

Breakfast: 291 Cals
All the usual but without the fruit
Haraways Sweet Maple Oats w/ 1/2c lite milk
15g Chia seeds
1/3 toast with vegemite and semi soft lite

Lunch:  229 Cals
Couldn’t stomach an acutal meal – had a smoothe instead
1/2 serving of Chia Seeds, 150ml Lite Milk, 1/2c fresh Strawberries, 1scoop Horleys Sculpt Vanilla

Dinner:  960 Cals
Pandemonium Snack size Pizza – and ofcourse I ate the whole thing… over the span of 2 hours lol
Pizza from Hells – The only take out place that actually delivers, other than your usual Domino’s and Pizza Hutt
I was looking at their online menu trying to make some good choices, but when you are faced with Regular Pizza and then at the bottom of the page… Salad, I think you have alreaady made your mind on the actual Pizza Option.
Not going to put pics on, because that would just send all kinds of wrong messages to whoever reads this lol


Hydrate, and then Hydrate somemore, I think the only reason I am feeling semi-sane is because I have been sipping all day.  Theres not much else I can say about this stomach bug, it is unavoidable and there is no way to heal up in a hurry, it is pretty much a case of letting it takes its course and just waiting for your body to get back in the game.

Outlook for tomorrow:
I hope to feel close to 100% tomorrow, I am feeling pretty ok at the moment, but that might just be because I chugged a whole bunch of pain killers, first lot for the day, I don’t know why I didn’t take any earlier, I guess I just hoped I would sleep it off.  Won’t be running tomorrow either, got to give my body time to recover and get healthy, Im determined, but I am not crazy!  Well a little crazy… I ran yesterday lol  But I may just prolong the healing process if I push it too much, then I still have the children to take care off, they are after all number 1!

Jay 🙂

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