Day 18 – Run Anyway! Then Run some more!

Day #18
Today was a very hard day.  I was happy with my efforts, but I hurt like a mofo!!
Even as I type this, I wish I was in bed and it just all magically appeared.  No rest for the wicked huh, or the Determined!
Dropped the children off at their Nanny’s house, and boosted off for a run on my own, I felt kinda awkward not running with the stroller, I had got so used to it.  But not having definatly helped keep my motivation for atleast today!  Fastest 1Mile and Fastest 1k, pretty chuffed about those.  However had to do a few calculations as I button mashed my phone suring the run and stopped the run at almost the 2nd km, goh!!!  So recorded 2 runs, I couldve been in there for a 3rd record for Fast 5k, but due to my mashing I did not 😦
Immediatly after my run today I had no time for a post-run snack, the Nanny had called and Grayson needed to be taken to the doctors for the tummy bug he has had for about a week now, his sister had one for a week and a half, the same one I have got, and is supposed to last up to 2 weeks this particular strain…. DUMB!  I really don’t have time for that crap, I’ve got things to do, K’s to Run, and from all these stomach spasms I feel so sorry for my poor children having this kind of pain to deal with.  But they’re little troopers and so am I, so we move on.

Don’t forget to check out my Beast Tunes here and my progress pics here.  Thats right, progress pics, URGH!!!  I am sure I will be smiling in them one day!  Oh and my Beast Bucket List, with all my Must Do’s!

Breakfast: 210 Cals
Usual Oats with (1/2c)lite milk (no fruit or chia today)
Half vegemite Toast (sandwich slice bread)
Green Tea

Lunch: 307 Cals
Freya’s Sandwich Thin x1, 1/4 Avocado, 1 tomato, 3 slices of Chicken Bacon
1/4 Apple with 1/2 tsp PB2

Dinner: 747 Cals
WW Mac and Cheese, with added stuff!
25g Light and Tasy Cheese, 3 slices of Chicken Bacon
1 Whole Grain Roll Buttered
Day 18 Dinner

TOTAL CALORIES CONSUMED: 1264 – Should’ve really had around 100 or so more cals for today, but its still a struggle to force feed myself 😦


5.69km, 8’11″/km, 45.05mins, 424 Calories, 1204 Nike Fuel (for those who have the Nike+Running App)

Exercise Rating: 4 – Wouldve been a 5 if I weren’t so crook

(FML Dying 0, I need a lie down 1, yeah not too bad 2, Pretty alright 3, Unstoppable 4, Im lovin It 5)

Intensity Rating: 4

(Piss Easy 0, Could go another hour 1, Just shy of a sweat 2, Pushing it a bit 3, Smashing it out 4, Beast Mode 5)
Fastest 1Mile 18.01.2013 Fastest 1k 18.01.2013

Todays Run puts me at 72.7km out of 100km,  72% complete


Probably no overly helpful tips except to have back up meals in the freezer, for those times that you just cant be ass’ed cooking, or in my case are too sick to cook.  I have mentioned a good Green Curry Recipe that can be done with Pork, Chicken or Vegetarian that freezes really well and can be paired with rice, Pita or even couscous.  The recipe can be found here.

Outlook for tomorrow:
I wont be running tomorrow, I am feeling too shithouse!  I am also not eating enough to be able to run, I can’t literally force myself to eat anymore than I had today.  It sounds so wonderful, but I do not wish this bug on anyone!  I am missing being able to push it and reach my potential, Can you tell I am an addict? ha!
Hope to feel better in the morning, but know full well that I will be experiancing this for atleast another 4 or 5 days.  Roll on Thursday when Hubby comes home!!

Jay 🙂


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