Day 17 – Crook as!

Day #17

Today was not an ideal day!  The title of my post says everything!  I kinda take back what I posted yesterday about having a fastfood hangover, my ill feelings were probably due to catching a tummy bug from my children, but I am pretty sure it didnt help!
Anywho, I didn’t run today, no exercise at all really, I benched my daughter a few times in an effort to play with her, but thats about it, it was a painful day of stomach cramps and trying my best to keep the children ammused inside.
I am hoping like crazy this all settles down tomorrow, except I now that my daughter had a bug a few weeks back and lasted a week and a half, my son has had it for 5 days now, I am just hoping my adult immune system comes through for me!
I had a pretty bland day today, couldnt really face the normal daily grind types of foods I usually have, I tried a sandwich for lunch as I most often have, but felt a bit like I was forcing it down.  A shitload of bread was consumed today, not ideal, but I ate something at the very least…

Breakfast: 284 Cals
2 Poached eggs on Molenberg balance sandwich 2 slices

Morning Tea:  143 Cals
1/2 Apple
1 banana

Lunch:  275 Cals
1/2 boiled egg, 1/8 small avocado, 15g edam cheese, all mushed up together
2 Molenberg sandwich slices, Iceberg lettuce, 1 tomato

Dinner:  308 Cals
Cheese Toastie 😦 couldnt stomach much else… and no pic sorry, I am pretty sure you know what a cheese toastie looks like
2 Molenberg sandwich slices, 50g  Edam Cheese

Dessert: 101 Cals
Weight Watchers Vanilla Ice cream 74g… still working on getting to this.. sitting on my lap as I type this ha!

Pretty creepy that my total turned out to be this, too little calories, but I am ill so I not gonna stress about it

Nothing today, wasn’t really in the frame of mind to be researching best ways to get over a tummy bug lol but I did work on a Bucket List that I will be making a page for…Watch this space!… Well not this particular space, but you know what I mean.

Also as I type this I am watching the news on TV about nd incident close to home.   A College (high school) in our city, literally down the road from where I live – Bethlehem College had a group of 12 students and seven adults visiting a school in Kenya, something that had become a regular thing for the schools.  During a bus trip one of the groups mini-vans crashed and flipped.  One of the students and both  her parents died from injuries of the crash as well as their Kenyan Bus driver.  Three others injuried in the crash are are in Intensive Care.  I am not a cryer, but this made me pretty teary, and very sad for the school and their community, its always a bit more real when its so close to home.  Details of the story are here.  Bethlehem College have also posted a notice on their College Website for donations to help the family of Christopher the Kenyan bus driver, details of how you can help are here.  Im sure the New Zealand nation are all wishing the families affected much heart felt sypmathy, and speedy successful recoveries for the 3 students still in hospital.

Outlook for tomorrow:
Rain again for tomorrow, I have the nanny in, so if I am feeling good enough to run, I will be catching up on that, hopefully I will be able to run a longer distance in the time I have seeing as I wont have the children with me.

Not much else on the Jay front, not much punch today in the face going on…

Jay 🙂

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