Day 14 – A little on the baggy side

Day #14

Must’ve had a great sleep last night, because today doesn’t seem so hard!  Well not much could probably beat yesterday disaster wise.  But got my shit sorted and we are back on track.

So nutrition wise I could’ve done a wee bit better, it is shopping day today and we are getting a bit bare.  On a good note I have eaten more apples this week than I probably did all last year!  Been good on the water today as well, and even made sure to get in my post-run snack.
Not feeling as heavy as I was when I had hit my running low, not quite sure why I was feeling that, but had inklings of it as I did my warm up to running this morning, just pushed past that, had a good stretch then hit boost time.  I stopped for water twice which I think helped a huge amount!  I don’t usually stop at all and if i do, it is at halfway, not quite sure if this had something to do with how I felt today, but I will continue it as long as its working for me.
Noticed my running-wear is getting a little on the baggy side, not much but you do notice it when sports wear is supposed to be tight!… got a wee bit excited about this haha  just means eventually I will have to spend more money on smaller sizes, not totally phased about this…my husband might be haha, my weightloss costs him money!
So anywho, today…

Breakfast 284 Cals
My usual Oats w/ 1/2c lite milk, 2/3c frozen mixed berries
1/3 vegemite toast

Morning Tea  148 Cals
1 small egg hard boiled
1 slice Molenberg balance sandwich
24g Banana

Lunch 329 Cals
Pastrami Sammie
14g Shaved Pastrami, 1tsp avocado, 1/2 mashed egg, 15g edam, 1 tomato, all on molenberg balance
1/2 Apple

Afternoon Tea 140 Cals
Aprox 1/2 Tbsp of prepared PB2 on a Rye Crustkit
25g Tasty Cheese

Dinner 387 Cals
Weight Watchers Chilli Con Carne Meal (my Day off cooking….again haha)
w/ and extra 1/2c of white rice

TOTAL CALORIES CONSUMED 1288 – A lot of food for a day a little over 1200, which is a good thing, just not enough variation I think, lacked a little veg in there.  But had my snacks in there, which I need to keep up with!


5.24km, Average 10’05″/km, 52.50mins, 352 Calories, 1109 Nike Fuel (for those who have the Nike+Running App)

Previous runs to Day 14

Exercise Rating: 3

(FML Dying 0, I need a lie down 1, yeah not too bad 2, Pretty alright 3, Unstoppable 4, Im lovin It 5)

Intensity Rating: 2

(Piss Easy 0, Could go another hour 1, Just shy of a sweat 2, Pushing it a bit 3, Smashing it out 4, Beast Mode 5)

Run to Day 14

Todays Run puts me at 56.4km out of 100km, just over 56% complete

Am looking forward to doing some “Smashing Out” tomorrow!


Guys Avert your eyes, you may want to move to “outlook” bit of my blog lol…ladies gather round…
Not anything from me personally today, and not something enitrely related to weightloss/nutrition/fitness, but in a round about way can make some ladies feel a bit better about whats going on with that post-baby tum of theirs.
A link I found on a multiples FB page for knowing how to test for Split Abs/Abdominal Separation, which often happens to Mamas of multiples and occasionally other mamas who may have had to carry big babies!
I definatly know mine are split, but I never knew for sure until last night when I tried this Little Test.
Let me tell you now, it did feel extremely odd too feel the separation, and a tiny bit gross at the same time lol  but it is good to find out if you have it because some ladies spend a lot of time trying to trim down that tum by focusing on weightloss and having no success.  That wee bump is here to stay if you don’t do the correct ab exercises to get them tightened back up naturally.  As the woman says in the clip, these exercises must be completed over a number of weeks, and to test them again with the “test” to see any difference.  If there has been no progress in pulling those suckers back together, the only alternative unfortunatly is surgery.  So I will be throwing those exercises into my daily routine to see if I am one of them non-surgery ladys!

Outlook for tomorrow:
It is supposed to rain tomorrow, so depending on how bad it is I wont be taking the children with me, hopefully I will be organised enough to drop them off and run on my own all in time to get to my weigh-in tomorrow lunch time.  I am actually excited to maybe be able to run on my own to test out my abilities, running with the twins has been pretty cool for extra calorie burn, but how do I even know my real running potential if I don’t give it a pop on my own… We will just have to see.
Weigh-in tomorrow at 12pm, I am not looking forward to this one, as I have been blogging, and eating all the right’ish things and exercising still quite a bit, I would’ve expected a good loss this week, but I did it again and weighed in at home prematurely!!! Will I ever learn!  Scales say only 500grams, and this disappoints me a little!  Like I said before, any loss is a good loss, but with the work I have done and all the food I chose not to eat, I was looking forward to a little more than that.
Maybe I just go back and do a little overhaul.  I know people hit plateau’s and that maybe what this is, so I may have to shake things up a bit!  Anywho, I am jumping the gun here slightly, and I should’nt!!!
Looking forward to tomorrow just the same though,

No rest for the wicked,
Hope you will all be getting a burn on tomorrow…Rain or shine!

Jay 🙂

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