Day 13 – Day of the “meh”

Day #13

I am having one hell of a ‘meh’ day!!  I even went to the extent of posting this on the MFP New Zealand FB site…

“Ok I am having a “too hard basket” day!!  my house is a bomb site, I have one sick twin and one ‘into everything’ twin, I have a kitten that has just emptied a full box of tissues ripping them and scattering them through every room in the house, I am sleep deprived due to changing crappy nappies all night, My childrens room is a sea of small wooden building blocks and other sharp pointy toys which makes me not even want to step one foot in there, I never got to go for my run this morning because there was poo all over my bathroom floor to clean up, My husband works in Africa, and is not back for another 12 or so days, I feel like locking myself in a room with an oversized bag of potato chips, an equally oversized pair of dark sunglasses, those big puffy ear muff thingys, all wrapped in a blanket!!  Please feel free to comment with some “cheat day” meals, I need some comfort of the food kind lol…. preferably quick cook.  Thankyou for listening!”

And after all that mouthful and a half, I didn’t have a cheat day, but kinda wish I did!  I will be sure to have one soon though because I have “naughty food” on the brain and I feel I will just go stuffing my face all in the wrong way if I dont do something about these cravings soon!!!  No wonder I got this way in the first place!  Self control dammit, compose yourself!  Talk about Food addiction!!!

Breakfast: 291 Cals
All the usual but without the fruit
Haraways Sweet Maple Oats w/ 1/2c lite milk
15g Chia seeds
1/3 toast with vegemite and semi soft lite

Lunch:  384 Cals
2 small Poached eggs, on 2 slices of molenberg balance sandwich
3 slices of Tegal Chicken Bacon
Little bit of S and P

Dinner:  333 Cals
Steak and Veg….again!
and not even good steak and Veg, this one is merely for Iron and fuel!! (and also so my husband doesn’t get mad at me again for not eating  a proper meal)
123g Scotch steak fat trimmed
Pumpkin, Courgette and carrot
Dinner Day 13
Tip – don’t buy vegetables that aren’t in season even if you really like them!!  Stupid tasteless pumpkin!  Again purely for fuel!

Dessert: 141 Cals
25g Whittakers Dark Ghana 72% Chocolate

Not really enough Cals, considering I was jones’ing for fatty fried food this morning!!

Came across this link that someone in my MFP NZ FB Group posted and thought it hit the ‘motivation’ spot for me.  Some great tips and to be quite accurate as the Coach Calorie Page implys The Best 39 Fitness Tips.  Give it a read especially if you are experiancing a Plateau!

Outlook for tomorrow:
To run!  I have just under 50k to run before the end of the month, which I am not worried about not achieving, I am sure I will smash that goal out of the park if the weather stays stable and I dont have too many crappy nights!
Will be interesting to see what my weight will be sitting at for this weeks loss, I kinda don’t feel as if I have lost much, I have even weighed myself half way through my week (even though I know I shouldn’t) and have appeared to have only lost a few hundred grams.  But any loss is better than a gain, even remaining the same is better than a gain!
Will be totally stoked to have a ‘blow out’ day one day!  But always think twice about it, I am sometimes my own worst enemy in that way, in this case not so much.
Anywho, tomorrow is another day and I am hoping the rain will hold out, but am looking forward to a cooler morning.
And hopefully I wont feel as ‘meh’ tomorrow either 😐

Jay 🙂


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