Day 12 – Reaching Beast Mode!

Day #12
I had noticed in previous days I was lacking energy post-run, today I dealt with that opportunity, but was met with another one.  I was getting the exact same thing in the afternoon, ick!  So I chugged a protien shake and almost instantaniously felt better.  I have been drinking a lot of water seeing as its a billion degrees, this hadn’t really been helping, so I think I did need to eat something.
I kinda thought maybe it was an Iron issue also, so I may have to add a few rich sources to my day!
I also thought about the amount of calories I may be burning when running with the children.  The nike app or MFP may not be accurate to the amount of energy I am actually expending.  Again the variables are endless!
Weather forecast is a high of 27, however it is 28 sitting in this room right now!!!  The weather is nuts!  We are looking at good weather all next week except Tuesday, so I may have to change my Rest Day from Wednesday to Tuesday, or I may just drop the kids off to the Nanny and run in the rain.  We will see how the week pans out.

Breakfast: 284 Cals
My usual Haraways Sweet maple Oats w/ 1/2c Milk, 2/3c Mixed frozen berries
White Tea and a Glass of water
and the third of toast my children don’t eat – supersoft butter and vegemite

Morning Tea: 111 Cals
1 small hard boiled egg
1/4 Apple
1/3 Banana

Lunch: 331 Cals
2 slices of Molenberg Balance Sandwich, 17g shaved polish sausage, 2/3c iceberg lettuce, 1/2 small boiled egg mixed with 1/4 avocado and 1 tomato sliced
1/4 apple
1/4 Pear

Afternoon Tea:  231 Cals
Banana Protien shake – Horleys Vanilla Sculpt 1 scoop, 1 small banana, 100ml lite milk, blitz!

Dinner:  397 Cals
Prawn and Smoked Salmon Pasta
Dinner Day 12
I think I have featured this one also in my January blog, but havn’t mentioned the recipe…
100g Prawns
12.5g Smoked salmon
1/4c Parmesan cheese
50g quick cook spaghetti pasta
25g Lite sour cream
50g sweet corn kernals
80g Frozen Spinach
There is no special way I put this all together, its pretty much get it all cooked, and get it all together!
I will say this recipe is quite bland, and I didn’t enjoy as well as the last time I had it for some reason, in the pic it looks delicious, but it lacks something salty, something sweet and something spicy!
So maybe next time I would add some capers and lemon/lime juice, or some sweet thai chilli sauce, why did I not think of these ideas before!!!



Run. Same route, Achieved my Fastest 1km today, Totally killed my 2nd km by 4secs faster than my last record, I forcefully did this to try get myself back in the zone.  I thought I did quite well to get this record in considering there was a group of about 30 walkers out today, so dodging them with the stroller was a challenge on the boardwalk.  Not to mention the weekend runners out as well!  At this point in my run I actually think I reached BEAST MODE!  Seriously after running that K, I was literally pouring the sweat off of my arms!  I have a crush with that feeling!
Fastest 1km 12.01.2013

4.97km, Average 9’05″/km, 45.12mins, 347 Calories, 1052 Nike Fuel (for those who have the Nike+Running App)

Exercise Rating: 4

(FML Dying 0, I need a lie down 1, yeah not too bad 2, Pretty alright 3, Unstoppable 4, Im lovin It 5)

Intensity Rating: 5

(Piss Easy 0, Could go another hour 1, Just shy of a sweat 2, Pushing it a bit 3, Smashing it out 4, Beast Mode 5)

Todays Run puts me at 51.1km out of 100km, just over 50% complete 

Did not complete any extra distance today, the heat is coming in thick and fast and I couldn’t really afford to be stuck in it!  Especially after reaching Beast Mode!


Nothing for today, I am super tired!

Outlook for tomorrow:
Hoping to get in 5.6k tomorrow, not too worried about a fast 5k, just looking forward to a longer run, we will see what the temperature will be like and whether I will be pushing hard to get a good time.  Wishing I could leave for a run earlier, but while Jared is in Africa I will have to take the children everywhere I go.  They love the walk/run tho, especially the bumpys!

Jay 🙂


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