Day 11 – The Beginning of a series of Unfortunate runs

Day #11
I know I shouldn’t even say that they are unfortunate, and I kept thinking that maybe it is just my mind set at the moment.  I can’t figure out what I have changed in my routine to make me feel like I can’t get back into my ‘good running’ zone!  Maybe I am just starting to get tired not having the hubby here, or maybe its something that I am eating, maybe the extra weight training? Can’t be the stroller it ran well today after being pumped back up.  Maybe the children are just growing creating extra resistence that I can’t keep up with.  The variables are endless really, but as I keep saying “A run is a run”  and I more than likely wont stop doing it.
Today the children went to the Nanny’s house (yes I have a part-time nanny for my children), so I spent most of my day cleaning my house and relaxing knowing that today I don’t have to make two lunches, afternoon tea’s and dinners.  My childrens Nanny is amazing! Her whole family are amzing!
I was quite productive and active today, even though I wasn’t purposefully trying to be, but I have noticed that ever since I started my weight-loss venture, my entire life has become more active in general!  I do so much now that I just couldn’t be bothered doing before and I feel real good about it too!
Seeing as I got home quite late today from picking the children up, I am repeating a meal I have had before and freezes fabulously.  You can make it in a huge lot in a stock pot, then divvey it up into freezer safe containers.  It will be ready to heat and eat just like it is or with a carb like wholegrain Pita or brown rice… or white rice if you are feeling a bit naughty and like living on the wild side ha!
Tonight I have made a mini garlic pita, defrosted and nuked a plate of Green Chicken Curry, NOM! Could live on the stuff!
Have tried to be more detailed in my food blogs seeing as I have ‘followers’ and family following my meal plans 🙂

Oh and check out my new page on my Blog –  Beast Playlist to see what I am getting my burn on to today!

Breakfast: 294 Cals
My usual Haraways Sweet maple Oats w/ 1/2c Milk, 1/2c fresh strawberries, 15g Chia seeds
White Tea and a Glass of water
and the third of toast my children don’t eat – supersoft butter and vegemite

Morning Tea: 137 Cals
1 Large egg hard boiled
1 slice molenberg balance sandwich

Lunch: 246 Cals
Pastrami Sandwich
2 slices of Molenberg Balance Sandwich, 17g shaved pastrami, 1 small boiled egg and 1 tomato sliced

Afternoon Tea:  139 Cals
Dark Ghana chocolate 72% 4 squares (Can’t stop eating this!!!!)(Really need too!!!)

Dinner:  445 Cals
Green Curry Chicken w/ Garlic mini pita
And because I posted this recipe on my ‘Blogger’ Blog and not yet this one, I will include recipe
This Serves 6 small portions at 236cals, or 4 bigger serves 354 Cals
300g Lean Chicken Breast cubed,
300g Pumpkin cubed (or sweet potato, but this will bump the cals up),
1 large eggplant cubed
1 cup of green beans
1cup salt reduced chicken stock
60g Coconut Milk powder (you can just use actual coconut milk, just use half milk and half stock, and only add the milk right at the last minute to slightly heat through)
1tsp of both crushed ginger and crushed garlic
1Tbsp Olive oil
1Tbsp Green curry paste
Brown chicken in oil, stir in curry paste, ginger and garlic, Add veg, cook a wee bit before adding stock, bring to the boil, then cover and simmer.  Add coconut milk powder just before serving.
Mini Garlic pita – 1tsp semisoft lite butter, 1/2tsp fresh crushed garlic and a few leaves of flatleaf parsley chopped, mush all together and spread on a toasted Pita.
Dinner Day 11

I have also made this before with a brown onion when browning chicken, and also have used fresh spinach just after adding coconut milk powder, then recovering and simmering till spinach is just wilted.  These will add more cals to your meal, but will bulk out a bit more.


Run. Same route,

5.00km, Average 9’41″/km, 48.31mins, 339 Calories, 1059 Nike Fuel (for those who have the Nike+Running App)
Day 11 KM

Exercise Rating: 3

(FML Dying 0, I need a lie down 1, yeah not too bad 2, Pretty alright 3, Unstoppable 4, Im lovin It 5)

Intensity Rating: 3

(Piss Easy 0, Could go another hour 1, Just shy of a sweat 2, Pushing it a bit 3, Smashing it out 4, Beast Mode 5)

Todays Run puts me at 46.1km out of 100km, just over 45% complete looking forward to having half way busted out tomorrow

Also cleaned my husbands car!!! Interior and exterior!  It took me 2 1/2 hours!! and was very taxing, so taxing in fact that I almost missed out on lunch! For this reason I have entered it as 65 minutes of vigorous cleaning on MFP, coz it so was!!!
Clean Commy
I hope he will be grateful that I did the interior as well this time!!!


Did a bit of research on Post-run eating, this link from explains some of the what and whens which I found very helpful.  They explain some recomendations for 5 common post-run situations.

Outlook for tomorrow:
I have eaten some real good food today and have planned some post-run snacks too for tomorrow, so hopefully I will be feeling that ‘runners high’ again, kinda missing it!  Will ensure to leave on time tomorrow so that I miss the 8am heat, summer is definatly here and it is a stupid idea to run anytime between 8am and 8pm, unless ofcourse you own a nice cool pool to boost home to, and/or dont have to push 19.3kg worth of baby haha

Anywho, Z’ up fellow beasts, you will need it for your burn tomorrow!

Jay 🙂

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