Day 10 – A struggle and a half!

Day #10

Urghhhhhhhh!!!  Like totally urgh!
This morning was a total struggle, waking up I felt good, had had a great restful sleep, the best I have had in a week!  Did the usual wake up, get dressed to run, prepare breakfast for the children and I, get them changed and ready to, In the buggy, set my Nike App to begin and Off I go!
Well I did all the usual motions, but today just felt super hard to get back into the run.  I am usually on fire after a days rest, but today I just couldnt get into my usual funk!  The stroller just felt heavier, and felt like there was more resistance, I thought to myself surely these children can’t have put on any noticable weight since our last run…  My legs felt heavy, My breathing irregular and I just couldn’t get into my zone!  So I skip doing the longer run and opted for the basic route of 5km, 48mins!!!!!!  YUCK!  Not happy, so I get the children out and check the stroller… flat tires, they need to be pumped up, so much friction! Garrr!  Well like I posted in the comments section for the app on FB “a run is a run”, I am not going to beat myself up about doing a bad run, just move on get the issue sorted and punch it again tomorrow!
In totally ‘un-related to weightloss’ news, I got stung by a bee in my backyard today, in almost the exact same place my daughter got hers!! F’N Bees!!!  MUST CHOP TREE DOWN!!  The husband will know what I mean when he reads this!
I am SOOOOOO SORE!!  after the 25mins with Jillian yesterday and my Squats/Dumbell Rows/Lunges/Bicep Curls from this morning, I am more than mildly achey!  Arms sore! Quads sore! Abs sore!  Something must be working!

Breakfast: 312 Cals
The usual Oats w/ lite milk, blueberries and this morning a serving of Chia seeds (15g)
The childrens third of vegemite toast they do not eat
White tea and glass of water…am actually debating/talking myself into changing my white tea to ‘green tea’…hmmm we will see

Lunch: 359 Cals
Pastrami sandwhich
Molenberg balance sandwich 2 slices w/ iceberg lettuce, tomato, 1/4 avo 34g shaved Pastrami
1 Pear

Dinner: 487 Cals
Steak and Veg
154g trimmed scotch fillet (not the best cut to be using)  80g boiled new potatoes, Corn cob, green beans and broccoli

Looks like a mammoth amount of food, but the plate is quite small, purposefully small!!!

Dinner Day 10
Dessert: 141 Cals
4 squares of Dark Ghana



4.96km, Average 9’50″/km, 48.49mins, 332 Calories, 1049 Nike Fuel (for those who have the Nike + Running App)

Exercise Rating: 1

(FML Dying 0, I need a lie down 1, yeah not too bad 2, Pretty alright 3, Unstoppable 4, Im lovin It 5)

Intensity Rating: 3

(Piss Easy 0, Could go another hour 1, Just shy of a sweat 2, Pushing it a bit 3, Smashing it out 4, Beast Mode 5)

My first 10days

1st 10 days Jan'13

Todays Run puts me at 41.1km out of 100km, 40% complete

Also did 2 sets of 20 Dumbell Rows with a squat, and 20 Lunges each side with a bicep curl…still having my niggly pain even with the stretch hmmm!  Not tracked on MFP

I also weighed my children today to see how much resistance I actually have when pushing them in their stroller for my runs.  A combined weight of 19.3kg’s just from the children, couldn’t say what the stroller would be, estimated maybe 5kg??? Also remembering that my run route is a mix of track and road with mixed terrain and one F*** Off Hill!!


Not so much a tip more just some words…  Have been thinking about the amount of exercise calories to eat back, I have been getting super hungry about an hour or so after running.  I have looked at a few blogs, fitness sites etc and can’t get an absolute and clear consensus on what is the right amount to eat back.  So I am just going to try for 20%-50% of the calories burned.  I don’t want to be wasting any of my good work!  And apparently this eat back should contain a good lean option of both protien and carb, so will keep that in mind when smashing out some morning tea.  Keep an eye on my meal diary included in every post for what choices I make 🙂

Outlook for tomorrow:
Pump those tires!!  Man I will not be pushing 25kg+ with any extra resistance!!
Include a good source of Carb and Protien for after workout meal.
If I feel like ‘not working out’ tomorrow…workout anyway then decide after if I actually wanted to or not hahaha, posted this on my FB page “Becoming Beast”.

Anywho, sleep well fellow beasts, let the morning see you energised and ready to kill it again!!

Jay 🙂


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